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composite wpc decking v natural wood decking. traditional wood decking has been popular in the uk since the mid 1990's when garden designs of the time turned many suburban gardens into decking masterpieces. since that time, while still being a popular garden / outdoor design feature, the sight of rotting and moss covered garden decks has made them seem less attractive to those looking at a

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why should choose wpc decking? there are two main types of deck materials available for the floor: nature wood and man-made product. people always ask: why should choose wpc decking? whats the advantage of using wpc decking? enjoy the outdoor living

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for the perfect and easy installation of the woodplastic decking, we supply all the necessary accessories along with the deck boards. for the installation of the woodplastic decking, among other things, you will require: smart aluminium fixing system or wpc joists and stainless-steel clips finishing boards to cover sides of the decking levelling shims and

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composite decking sometimes also referred to as plastic decking and wpc decking is decking that is usually made out of a composition of wood and plastic, there are also different varieties such as decking made purely out of plastic. this plastic content gives the deck boards a very long lifespan without the need to treat or seal the decking over its life, the decking has on average a 1% water absorption rate.

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well, composite decking offers a range of benefits that concern aesthetic beauty, maintenance and durability. furthermore and most importantly composite decking will not rot, swell, splinter or split. will not require any specialist cleaning or treatment and is environmentally friendly.

what are the benefits of wood plastic composite board?

following are the wood plastic composite wpc board benefits. wpc board manufacturers deliver the boards which consist of modifiers, stabilizing and foaming agents to make it a best-in-class, durable and high-strength material.

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this prevents the wpc decking boards from bulging or splitting due to seasonal change, something that natural wood decking boards can be prone to. this is just one of the many features of wpc decking that make it a superior product when it comes to garden decking construction.

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roughly 50% wood, 40% recycled plastics and 10% glue and tints etc. its mixed together and then extruded to form either a hollow or solid decking board. the benefits of mixing these 2 products groups are obvious, you end up with the durable, hard wearing, maintenance free elements of the plastic and the beauty, look and feel of the wood giving you a great looking product that will last for years and years.

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limitless options everwood wpc composite decking comes in a seemingly limitless range of colors and options. from classic wood patterns such as chestnut, oak, and maple, to eye-catching grained, brushed, or even ebony options, there is a wpc deck that will beautifully match your property.

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what is the benefit of a composite deck wood plastic and pvc - similar to what is the benefit of a composite deck wood plastic and pvc wood plastic composite decking as well as pvc decking is designed to stand up to the elements, allowing it to maintain its beauty for years.

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while standard wpc decking is durable and long lasting, capped composite decking boards add yet a new dimension to the possibilities for modern wood composites. as an example note the capped wpc boards used to line the edge of the pool in the picture, you would not try this with natural wood decking boards.

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technical advantages of wpc boards - wood plastic composite. hardy smith provides wood plastic boards, wpc panels, wpc sheets, wpc furniture, wpc interior, wood pvc boards, wpc board profile, wpc formwork, wood what is the benefit of a composite deck wood plastic and pvc. more important, pressure-treated wood deck boards will likely warp

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uses of wpc board. wood-plastic composite - wikipedia, the free encyclopedia benefits of wpc board - outdoor decking floor. benefits of wpc board advantages of wpc boards srf wpc foam boards or srf shuttering boards are developed from new technology, which uses the benefits of both- wood and plastic.

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wpc board advantages: wpc boards come with assured quality. these boards consist of stabilizing agents, modifiers, wpc can be moulded into different shapes and sizes. wpc material is highly fire resistant. it provides fire protection and keeps your furnishings safe. the wpc material undergoes

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wpc decking, or composite decking, is a decking material solution made from a unique combination of plastic and wood.wpc stands for wood plastic composite and this composite is made up from 45% timber fibres and 55% hdpe and additives. it is well known that this product offers a number of benefits and were going to explore them further below.

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wpc decking is an alternative decking product made from wood plastic composites, a unique composition that replicates wood without the maintenance of traditional timber decking. commonly used by builders, landscapers, and maintenance companies, this form of decking is ideal for commercial and residential use as well as schools and other public

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protechwood decking, on the other hand, will stay beautiful no matter what the weather throws at it our manufacturing process ensures long-lasting quality, which is why all of our decking products come with a minimum of a limited 25-year warranty 10 years for commercial installations .

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another great benefit of composite decking boards is that they dont cup, warp or splinter. this makes it perfect for families with small children. composite deck boards are also u.v. stable, which means that their colour wont fade over time like normal timber.

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the wpc or wpc boards offer huge benefits while compare with other forms of wood plastic composite materials. wpc boards are very safe to use and durable, across the world wpc boards are using at homes, commercial complex, entrepreneurs and many more. it is also used for railings, landscaping timbers, fences, cladding etc.