best flooring alternative for wood boats

marideck marine vinyl flooring non-slip boat flooring

marideck marine vinyl flooring. the resilient finish of this exterior grade, vinyl deck covering features a slip-resistant textured surface, uv resistance, and moisture barriers. these qualities allow for easy cleaning and low maintenance. marideck flooring can be installed on wood, aluminum, or fiberglass making it ideal for pontoons, ski boats,

alternatives to marine plywood for boat deck? michigan

we're kicking around the idea of re-flooring our 16'er. i know we could just replace the plywood that's in it. alternatives to marine plywood for boat deck? discussion in ' i run a fiberglass repair shop, so put the wood down, and then bring me your boat, i'll hook you up bro . jinxedone, mar 18, 2014. jinxedone, mar 18, 2014.

alternative options to marine plywood

this makes the wood very durable and an ideal alternative to marine plywood. ribbon grain plywood. ribbon grain plywood is called such because of the appearance of the grain. the ribbon appearance in the grain is quite obvious and vertical stripes run along the length of the wood. this kind of plywood is very smooth as well.

boat carpet alternative

re: boat carpet alternative post by scottyj tue aug 10, 2010 6:58 am something you could do which would potentially be costly but very cool would be put down some spray in or roll in coating like bedliner then mount snaps in the floor and have a thick carpet insert made with rubber backing on it that snaps in and out of the boat.

cheap and lightweight boat floor for our jon boat

unlike rotting wood and messy styrofoam this is a perfect alternative i have spent weeks looking for an easy floor idea for our jon boat when the answer was really pretty easy.

cheap flooring options

the 7 best low-cost alternatives to Seven Trust flooring but also a real wood alternative to Seven Trust that results in a similar lookwithout the steep cost. bamboo is a fast-growing material

boat, yacht, and marine wood decking and flooring kebony

boat, yacht, and marine wood decking and flooring. thankfully, there are alternatives to teak that are not only as long lasting and durable, but are sustainable as well. kebony maple is quickly becoming an accepted and desired alternative to teak, allowing boat and marina dock owners to have a responsible, sustainable decking product that lasts.

hydro-turf as an alternative to seven trust bloodydecks

the wood on my benches is pretty beat up but they haven't warped, so i'm replacing those and making the floor i've added permanent. if you were searching for a 'full boat' solution like ali's or others posted on here, then seven trust and their process would probably be worth the money. but for smaller projects like mine i simply can't justify that

top 5 low cost alternatives to Seven Trust flooring the

Seven Trust floor alternatives that are less expensive and won't break the bank. Seven Trust doesn't work for all circumstances nor all budgets. so, i wanted to provide my top 5 alternatives to Seven Trust flooring. some of these options will solve water/moisture issues, some will save you money and some will do both.

boat flooring options other than carpet?

i took a charter boat out on lake michigan last year and they had a vinyl non slip floor and it was awesome. when i get a new rig, i will ask for it. if you go with plywood, i just painted mine and put down sand. i have a form that i used to cut my floor out of that i can just trace on a new peice of plywood.

flooring options for aluminum boat

anyone did anthing special with the flooring in an aluminum boat? i have a 14', 72' wide across the top, aluminum boat that i am going to put a floor in. looking for ideas different than a wood floor.

alternatives to traditional teak wood boat international

alternatives to traditional teak wood. for early shipbuilders, the attraction was its strength, durability, and when building warships, its resistance to cannonballs. as yacht building developed, its virtues became even more apparent: it is one of the strongest and most durable of woods, and has a strht grain with few knots.

the best flooring materials for a boat gone outdoors

the best flooring materials for a boat. laying down a wooden deck, painting a fiberglass deck with non-skid paint, covering a deck with painted canvas to lengthen its life or laying down vinyl as an alternative to an expensive resurfacing each have their positive points and dbacks.

floor material besides wood boat design net

the floor is covered in carpet so looks are not important and i will still fiberglass over top of the floor from the sides of the boat to the stringers just as was done over the wood. any other help, ideas for materials will be appreciated.

3 types for boat flooring

also, there are various types of wood that can be used for boat flooring. the best choice would be oak, which is both strong and flexible. it is very durable and has the advantage of having water-resistant properties. cons: good wood is expensive but can serve you a lifetime so you can consider it an investment. wood tends to fade so you have to refinish it from time to time if you want to retain that original golden color.

alternatives to marine plywood for boat deck?

its the same stuff you would use with fiberglass cloth. when you bolt down deck hardware, pre-drill the holes 1/8-1/4in larger and then fill the holes with thickened epoxy and once it dries, drill to the appropriate size. this will seal the end grain in the hole and prevent you from crushing

cheap non-carpet floor ideas? page: 1

re: cheap non-carpet floor ideas? good ideas guys, i've got a project boat and want to get rid of the carpet also. the latex anti-skid coating is made by valspar/quickcrete, available in gray or 2 bases that can be tinted. looks to be inexpensive and tintable to match the boat color.

boat flooring ideas??? florida sportsman

i am looking to put some flooring down on my aluminum boat. i would prefer to stay away from carpet and wood. i am looking for 3 things:low cost, non-skid, and keep that metal cooler in the summer time. bps used to have their tracker boats with some type of rubberized flooring in them. you guys throw some ideas my way?

alternatives to marine plywood for boat deck?

re: alternatives to marine plywood for boat deck? when me and my dad replaced the floor in our boat ,.. we just used regular wood with fiberglass over it ,.. i figure if water cant get through the glass then the wood will be ok ,.?

how to choose boat flooring like a pro

carpet tiles boat flooring. they are durable, wont break the bank, and are a practical option for use as boat carpet. carpet tile squares are exactly what they sound like little squares of carpet, but they are easy to transport, install and replace, unlike traditional carpet.

plastic as a teak substitute for boat decking flexiteek

a greener and cheaper alternative to teak decking was unveiled at the southhampton boat show by golden arrow marine. flexiteek is a strip plank made out of recycled plastic, but has a similar look to the real thing. the plastic used is fire resistant to class 0 standards, has a solid colour through its depth and can be sanded just like a teak deck.

best flooring alternative for wood boats

best flooring alternative for wood boats. marine-grade flooring - plasteak inc. teak and holly boat and yacht interior flooring is available in a variety of . flooring is as 'no maintenance' as our exterior wood-alternative products. the soft texture provides good footing while the honey glow adds an elegant classic look.