make your own tongueue and groove boards

mill your own wood flooring this old house

1. rip the new boards. measure the face width of the existing flooring, add the width of its tongue, then set the table saw's fence that same distance away from the blade. now cut the new boards to width by running the tongue side against the fence. this removes the groove, which you'll re—create in the next step. 2. get your groove back.

mario party - faq - nintendo 64 - by bconover - gamefaqs

suggestions : since your opponents will undoubtedly suck at this game, try to ignore their screechy attempts at making music. they will only distract you, and will make it harder for you to play your own instrument. instead, concentrate on playing your own instrument on-time.

how to cut tongue-and-groove joints how-tos diy

your goal is to leave the same amount of material on the tongue board as you cut away on the groove board. this will take at least two passes. once the cuts are made, put the boards together to get a tongue-and-groove joint. next up. how to cut mortise-and-tenon joints.

woodworkers guild of america - episode guide -

george vondriska demonstrates the use of a wood moisture meter on various species and how to interpret the results your meter gives you. a woodworkers guild of america (wwgoa) original video.

how to make tongue and groove joints woodworking

the tongue-and-groove is one of the most basic and useful joints; every woodworker should be familiar with cutting them on the table saw. step 1: the cuts made when creating the two mating workpieces of a tongue-and-groove joint are non-through cuts, meaning that the saw blade never goes all the way through the wood.

legacy of kain: soul reaver - spoiler-free walkthrough

go back the way you came and climb up the metal walkway. retrace your steps till you make it back outside. go back across the metal circular pumps that are now moving up and down to reach a door in the far wall. kill the turelim that try to stop you and make your way to the altar at the far end of the corridor.