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i vacuum twice a month on average and wash it only once before winter storage. jamie has the same color carpet in his ranger as you do. he is a stickler for keeping it looking new. he keeps a spray bottle of shout in the boat. he will usually spent 10-15 minutes after a trip cleaning the carpet.

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this howtoinafew video shows you how to clean yellow and brown water stains from the hull of your boat to brighten the fiberglass. presented is a cheap way to mixed up an acid solution to remove

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2. give it a good wash. one of the best ways to maintain your fiberglass boat is to keep it clean from any dirt, stains, and saltwater buildup. keeping to a periodic schedule of washing it down will help to not only keep it clean, but also keep you aware of any other maintenance needs.

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after all, bright and shiny gelcoat doesnt make a boat sail any better or catch more fish, so why bother with maintenance? but keep in mind that a great looking boat will help you catch more customers when the time comes to sell your boat. and, like a clean car, a clean boat just seems to run better.

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re: best way to clean boat deck after fishing i do what the other guys have said. if it dries though, spray it down with water and let it sit for a while, then just use car wash and a medium scrub brush. if it doesn't come off easy, repeat. be careful with the bleach.

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step 1, wash your boat regularly. and if you boat in saltwater, rinse your boat thoroughly with fresh water after every outing to remove salt residue. 1 step 2, use soaps and cleaners specifically made for boats. this is to protect your boats finish. 2 step 3, change your boat's oil regularly. four-stroke outboards, inboards and stern drive boats require regular oil changes. the frequency will vary by model, but a good rule of thumb is to change the oil every 100 hours of operation or at

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one of the easiest aspects of boat maintenance pays high dividends when done right after every use. washdown if you're a first-time boat owner, perhaps you aren't aware of just how important it is to thoroughly wash the salt water off after every use. judging by the number of boats we board that are covered with salt, a lot of boat owners aren't.

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this cleaner is used above deck and is great for stains on fiberglass and on the deck. just wet the area with water, spray it with some roll off, let it sit for a few minutes and scrub. this product, coupled with some generic boat soap is all we use on our deck. we love the it and have over a gallon on board.

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many of these questions and answers will apply to all brands and types of inflatable boats, not just newport vessels. so if you have a question regarding another brand or type of inflatable boat feel free to ask us and we'll do our best to assist you.

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simple cleaning of vinyl, carpet, aluminum toons on a pontoon boat that sat for over 15 years. pressure wash and scrub to a new finish the whole boat. pressure wash aluminum wash, experiment

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1. park it: park the boat on a slight slope, preferably attached to a tow vehicle, with the transom on the downhill side. make sure the boat is sitting level side-to-side so water will drain through the floor. and dont forget to remove the drain plug. 2.

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spring start-up checklist. spring has sprung and for millions of boaters in the u.s. that means its time to take their boats out of winter storage and put them in the water. for many boaters, annual preparation and cleaning projects are necessary rites of spring that help prevent problems that could keep them off the water once the season is underway.

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pressure washing your pontoon boat. if the boat has been kept in the water for the season, at a dock, mooring or on a stake, chances are the logs have accumulated a layer of algae below the waterline. anyone who has pulled their pontoon after a season afloat and allowed that mud-infused slime to dry has experienced how exposure to the air turns

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how to clean everything. 2013 march 7. by staff. this is fine just before a full wax job, but for day-to-day washing you should use a product made for washing boats to keep your wax intact. my favorite is orpine wash and wax, which is a soap that leaves a film of wax behind. it cleans really well, and smells good too.

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inflatable boat use and care instructions inflating and deflating rafts. to properly inflate an nrs raft, open all the valves and work your way around the boat in a clockwise direction, filling each chamber evenly, until it takes shape. next go around the boat in a counterclockwise direction bringing each chamber to pressure.

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during the boating months, however, washing away salt and grime with a gentle but high-quality boat soapafter each and every outingis imperative. while harsher soaps and cleaners can do a better job on tough stains, they also remove that protective wax and eventually lead to a dull gelcoat shine.

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a clean boat will weather the time off better and will reduce the work necessary when the time comes to take her out again. wash the topsides, bottom and deck with a coat of wax on the topsides too and clean all hardware and trim. check for any blistering in fiberglass boats, especially for boats that spend extended periods in the water.

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step 3 - hose or pressure wash. use a garden hose with a spray attachment to wash the surface of the deck and rinse it clean. use the highest or most powerful setting on the sprayer and aim it directly at muddied or heavily soiled spots to remove as much of the dirt as possible. once you've addressed trouble spots,

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here's the dirty little secret that boat detailers do not want you to know use toilet bowl cleaner on the hull or anywhere else on your boat to remove dirt, hard water spots and rust

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forum discussion: that's the story. our 2 car attached garage was built with no floor drain for unknown reasons, and its just a pain in the ass this time of year with melting snow off the cars.