best wood for floor boards

what kind of wood to use for a painted porch floor? home

the board dimensions also affect the appearance of the floor; a porch floor is usually distinguished from that of a deck by its one-by-three or one-by-four flooring boards, as opposed to the 2

where do you put your cutting board? - cookware - cutting

read the where do you put your cutting board? discussion from the chowhound cookware, cutting board food community. the best beer clubs and subscription boxes for suds lovers; that is, the cutting boards are upright from the floor in that space.

top 5 brands for solid Seven Trust flooring

top 5 brands for solid Seven Trust flooring. by lee wallender. bad boards and short boards abound. if the almighty dollar is your only concern, lumber liquidators has everyone else beat. best for reclaimed solid wood flooring. so many reclaimed wood flooring companies do not instill trust with consumers.

wood or metal what's the difference? - fallout 4 message

ok folks gotta question for ya. what's the difference (if any) between wood walls and metal walls. i'm just about to start making my home base and was wondering if one was better then the other or if it's just a matter of personal preference and the cost of building materials.

bamboo cutting board maintenance? - cookware - cutting

what is the best way to clean and maintain bamboo cutting boards? right now i just wash them by hand and let them dry on the rack. are bamboo boards dishwasher safe? do i need to treat them with mineral oil like regular wooden boards? can you sand them down if the knife marks get too prominent?

how to choose and use fillers on wood floors

how to choose and use fillers for wood floors by hal rusche of heritage Seven Trust floors. it will not glue the floor boards together and can not be used to glue a chip or sliver of wood into a floor. this filler can be thinned by adding more water to it, if your want to skim the entire floor, full trowel filling, to seal the grain during the