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the game got free updates that give both ngp (new game plus) mode and added in a stats option to the menu screen, allowing players to check current alerts/kills during missions instead of only at their end. one near the blueprints), bathing salts on a sink cabinet, and coins on the notes' desk. true to his handyman nature, hamilton

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so beach yourself and then get out and chase down both men. kill them, come back to bernie, and that's it. now, feel free to go east and see the pavilion towers from the world's fair, then do any dates you may need before going south, all the way toward the bowling alley. you should see a green friend marker on the bordwalk on the west end. mrs.

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use a free wooden gazebo plan to help you build a backyard gazebo you can enjoy for a lifetime. the plans include building directions and diagrams. family handy man has a free wooden gazebo plan that has one main purpose - to keep your grill shady on those hot or even rainy summer days.

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be sure that you don't outfit the house with buy mode items and then evict the shill, because you will kick yourself when you have to do it all over again. feel free to add as much flora as you wish from the build mode as well, it has no effect on the property value other than raising your yard score.

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after you've used one of these ideas to make your diy gazebo, come back and browse my other free building plans so you can build a shed, tiny house, tree house, deck, pergola, pavilion, and many more.