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valeera, the hollow

the boomsday project rastakhan's rumble rise of shadows saviors of uldum card back gallery card tooltips decks hot standard decks hot wild decks hot budget decks what decks can valeera the hollow fit into? >> by mprodigy jan 25, 2018. by luiscr. jan 26, 2018 go to latest post. 13:

jade rogue lurker deck

moat lurker plays a strong part in this deck, both as a way to generate more jade minions and trigger deathrattles, but also as a way to shut down opposing big threats and taunts. playing the deck optimally requires a great deal of thought and planning. you will learn when to keep building up your jade army, and when to instead start to attack face.

wild malygos rogue deck list guide

both of the legendary cards in wild malygos rogue, malygos and valeera the hollow, are necessary for the deck to function and are not replaceable. epics. preparation, evasion, and necrium vial are critical combo pieces that are not replaceable with budget options. flex slots

boomsday tess miracle rogue disguised toast

boomsday tess miracle rogue. updated 7th august 2018. boomsday tess miracle rogue academic espionage 4. 2. elven minstrel 4. 2. fal'dorei strider 5. 2. vilespine slayer 8. 1. tess greymane 9. 1. valeera the hollow neutral cards. 2. 2. novice engineer 6. 2. gadgetzan auctioneer played by sjoesie deck code

savjz valeera the hollow mill

the boomsday project rastakhan's rumble rise of shadows saviors of uldum card back gallery card tooltips decks hot standard decks hot wild decks decks; rogue savjz valeera the hollow mill 6. favorite this deck. subscribe to comments; follow user savjz valeera the hollow mill. last updated aug 25, 2017 frozen throne edit delete

valeera the hollow

general comments. valeera the hollow is a powerful legendary rogue hero card. the battlecry effect makes it a great tool for stalling an extra turn if your opponent has lethal available. more importantly, the card also creates a new passive hero power, death's shadow, which adds a copy of shadow reflection to your hand each turn.

valeera the hollow

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decks including valeera the hollow : wildhearthstone

decks including valeera the hollow self.wildhearthstone submitted 1 day ago by ineovas. title. im looking for not necessarily good but fun decks that include the rogue dk and put it to good use. i currently only use her in my burgle rogue and love playing the card. my ladder deck is big rogue, but she sadly doesnt fit in there at all so if

thief rogue w/ lilian voss and valeera the hollow

valeera the hollow: one of the coolest and most interesting death knight cards. i think it will fit great it this deck because every single card we would want to get another copy of is 5 mana or less and even better discounted arcane giants.

valeera the hollow combos : hearthstone

welcome to reddit, with 1 southsea deckhand, 2 cold bloods, 1 faceless manipulator, and 1 valeera the hollow, you can do 2 dagger 2 deckhand 8 coldbloods 4 shadow reflection coldblood 14 faceless for a total of 30 damage for 9 mana. you have your dagger equipped and you hit face once as normal valeera.

valeera the hollow

except maybe those giants but they are easily dealt with, being the only real threat in the deck. if youre thinking that lilian voss will somehow give you a win condition then im pretty sure that does not happen often enough.

boomsday malygos rogue disguised toast

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jade-deathrattle valeera the hollow

pretty expensive deck using deathrattle and jade minions to defeat your foe. why hallucination ? because it is good currently best 1 spell drop and can make adventage against your opponent 100% helpful against pest druid and control warlock but currently i found a lot of ways to use it for example i took deathknight warrior and it saved my play .

20 decks to try out on day 1 of the boomsday project

odd paladin has a good reason to add mechs. wargear allows you go tall, something the deck misses without the availability of blessing of kings. giggling inventor will likely become a strong card in the deck since its a fantastic reload tool, synergizing with fungalmancer and pressuring slower decks to blow their aoe.

miracle rogue deck list guide

with the printing of hench-clan thug and fal'dorei strider, the look and feel of one of hearthstone's oldest archetypes has completely changed. miracle rogue is now capable of playing and powerful and efficient minions on-curve, which reduces its reliance on powerful miracle turns to generate burst damage. consequently, this allows miracle rogue pilots to freely choose between gadgetzan

what decks can valeera the hollow fit into?

both miracle and mill do benefit from valeera, actually valeera can go in any deck that can take the turn to play her or have access to vanish doomsayer

updated: mryagut's frozen throne valeera the hollow

played with this deck a fair few times now and if you get the combos just right its a lot of fun and hard for the opponent to deal with. winning is inconsistent. i replaced edwin with biteweed as i didnt have him and it works really well can get a 5/5 down on turn 2 with the right opening hand might even try add a second one.

valeera the hollow

valeera the hollow's battlecry works by giving your hero stealth, not itself. this is observable when combined with shudderwock. death's shadow will trigger and add a shadow reflection to the player's hand during each of their turns, including the turn that valeera the hollow is first played.

rogue death knight reveal

valeera the hollow. yep, the right metagame conditions along with the right cards in modern on top of people figuring out this card is worth playing and finding the best shell for it has led to this card seeing tons of play. grixis blue black red death's shadow is arguably the best deck in the format right now,