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bench dog hand planes

among the many quality alternatives for hand planes these days, bench dog tools has recently entered the market with nine new options. you can choose from two sizes of smoothing planes, three jack planes, a jointer plane, block plane and two shoulder planes.

block plane vs bench plane: things to know

a no. 4 or a no. 4½ bench plane is called a smoothing plane, while a no. 5 or a no. 5¼ bench plane is a jack plane. this jack plane is 14 inches long. a no. 7 or a no. 8 plane is also known as a jointer. the no. 8 jointer is 24 inches long. using the block plane. the smaller block plane is designed for use with just one hand.

planes for the beginner

buy a nice block plane, then go mosey over to to buy a few of thier blade/chipbreaker sets. use the block plane to help you make a smoother, jointer, scrub and jack. just the making of these tools will ramp you up the woodworking learning curve, save you money and teach you what the tools are for.

the only handplane you need? popular woodworking magazine

the low-angle jack may be the only bench plane you need, but dont forget that little jack-of-all-trades, the low-angle block plane. those might be the only two planes a hybrid woodworker would ever need, but certainly not the only one youd ever want. take a look at chris schwarzs tool box.

bevel-up vs. bevel-down planes

until recently, bevel-down planes were the rule. only small block planes were bevel-up. now, a variety of bench planes have this bevel-up configuration, which makes them more versatile. heres why: in a bevel-down plane, the blade along with a chipbreaker, which attaches to it rests on a frogtypically, a 45 bed screwed to the plane body.

block planes lie-nielsen toolworks

block planes are the workhorses of the shop. like our low angle bench planes, these planes all have the blade bevel up.all of our block planes have the blade bedded at 12 , with the exception of the no. 101 violin maker's plane, which is bedded at 20 . we grind a 25 bevel on our block plane

hand planes: unlocking the mystery

hand planes: unlocking the mystery by j. norman reid delaplane, 4-1/2, 5, 6, 7 and 8. together with a block plane, these make up most of the planes you'll ever need. and you won't even need all these. at a minimum, you can do perfectly well with one jointer plane a 7, 7-1/2 or 8 , one smoothing plane a 3, 4 or 4-1/2 and a block plane

files and planes at seven

kobalt 7-in adjustable block plane. kobalt 9.75-in bench plane. project source 6-piece needle file set. kobalt 8-in file. project source 23-piece file set. kobalt 6.25-in adjustable block plane. craftsman 6-in pocket plane. kobalt 8-in file. kobalt 2-piece 6-in slim/x-slim file set.

block plane

a block plane is a small metal-bodied woodworking hand plane which typically has the blade bedded at a lower angle than other planes, with the bevel up. it is designed to cut end grain and do touchup or finish work. it is typically small enough to be used with one hand.

reviews: hand planes woodworking community

bench dog 62 low angle manufacturing quality problems. 08-21-2019 02:52 pm by lakesidewoodworker 12 comments i have been comparing lv, ln, woodriver, and benchdog low angle jack planes for some time. when rockler had their bench dog plane on sale this month for $159, i thought i would give it a try. out of the box, it looked very good.

hand plane buyer's guide for traditional

bench planes. bench planes are hand planes that are used so often that they usually sit on the bench and are used for flattening, dimensioning, and smoothing wood. examples include jointer planes, jack planes, smoothing planes, and block planes.

block plane basics

the block plane owes its handy size in part to the shallow angle between the bladeor ironand the sole. this bedding angle is usually in the neighborhood of 20 for block planes. in a bench plane, it's normally about 45 . even so, a block plane's cutting edge meets the wood at about the same angle as a bench plane's.

block plane shootout

time for another hand tool shootout today we are looking at every woodworker, carpenter, and furniture maker's best friend, the block plane. this versatile and well most used hand plane of any

block planes reviewed

these are fully adjustable using the mechanics developed by veritas in their larger bench planes. i like both planes and like their apron plane especially, because its simple and compact and the most common need for a block plane, and the reason they were often called an apron plane, is because we use them to ease the corners of our work.

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taytools jack smoothing bench hand plane 5, 14-1/4 inch sole, ductile cast body, lapped sides and bottom, blade rhc 55-60, sapele handle and tote 21. price $ 29. 96. japanese wood block plane kanna 40mm carenter's tool double edge senkichi 233. price $ 24. 99.

bench planes: the system of three popular woodworking

all bench planes do three things: they remove material, they strhten the wood and they prepare it for finishing. when you set up a bench plane, what you are doing is making one of these characteristics really strong such as its ability to remove material and the other two characteristics weak.

bench dog hand planes

got a rockler email today with notation about their bench dog planes being on sale. on several of them they are offering as a bonus a low angle block with the larger plane. low $$$$$ hopefully this thread gets a few more owner responses. i love me some lv/veritas planes, but lord they are costy.

planes to buy and planes you best avoid

planes to buy and planes you best avoid. by paul sellers the first is to put a camber on the corner of stock. i cant imagine reaching for a block plane when the bench plane in my hand will very simple do that job, and its much quicker than stopping and reaching for a block plane.

rabbet block plane vs regular block plane

it is a more fragile plane than a regular block plane due to the cutout sides for the iron, so its much more likely to break if you drop it. it might be a decent alternative to a shoulder plane. that said, i dont think ive ever seen paul reach for a block plane, so he would probably tell you its not an essential tool.

jack plane vs block plane: what you need to know

jack plane vs block plane: differences the bevel face direction. you can tell right away the difference between a jack plane and a block plane by the bevel face of the machine.the jack plane is a type of bench plane, and all bench planes have the bevel facing downwards.

best hand planer that meets your needs

just like the be bench planer, this block angle is sure to get any job done efficiently and quickly. the heavy body takes off some of the pressure youll have to provide yourself and the machine is made for high precision. a block plane is a cheap tool that can fit in your tool beltalways handy for a quick smoothing.

handplane primer: what's the difference between bench and

handplane primer: what's the difference between bench and block planes? photo: steve scott bench left planes are great for face grain while block right planes shine on end grain. the block plane pictured here is the most common type of block plane. but they basically use the body of a bench plane with the iron of a block plane. they

what's the difference: bench planes and block planes

hand planes may be just the right tool for those places in a house where wooden parts need to fit precisely, such as cabinets, doors, and trim. but what kind should you be using? what even is the difference between bench planes and block planes? learn more about hand planes here.

choosing and using hand planes this old house

designed to flatten and smooth the face of a board, this 9- to 10-inch-long plane is ideal for leveling off high spots and for general planing. the best all-around bench plane if you have only one. block planes the pocket-size block plane is ideal for trimming small areas, but it's too short to strhten boards.

nine essential hand planes with christopher schwarz

nine essential hand planes with christopher schwarz september 25-26, 2010 low-angle block planes: any of the block planes from lie-nielsen or veritas are good. there are how a bench plane sees a board 2. how to use a jack/fore plane to remove material. 3. how to use a jointer or try plane to true the surface.