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cooldeck technology: composite decking that stays cool in

finally, a composite decking board that doesn’t get too hot. we created our cooldeck technology to help reduce heat transfer from the board by up to 35% so you can stay much cooler under the hot summer sun.

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cool low-maintenance composite decking - woodland deck - ohio

for example, aluminum decking stays pretty cool. aluminum decking would be a good choice if temperature is your number one concern. the dbacks to aluminum decking are: looks like metal, feels and sounds like tin, does not do a good job of imitating a traditional deck board and feel.

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cooler composite deck surface technology. homeowners in many parts of the u.s have concerns with the surface of their composite deck absorbing too much heat and becoming excessively hot to walk on. market research shows surface temperature is the number one buyer concern not addressed by composite decking products.

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wood decking options that stay cool in the summer heat

if you want composite decking that will stay cooler, start with lighter colors because they will absorb less heat. final thoughts. to truly find out what is too hot to handle when it comes to your new deck, we highly recommend taking a few test boards home during the hotter days and figuring out what material doesn't get too hot.

five deck surfaces that won't burn your feet

five deck surfaces that won’t burn your feet. by housely. if you go with aluminum, you will have a deck that will last for years and stay cool throughout the summer months. it also resists fire and bugs and will help keep the area below the deck dry. composite decking.

rearranging the oline deckchairs

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