standard height for pergola

everything you wanted to know about pergolas and pavilions

inexpensive mass-manufactured pergolas in standard, smallish sizes under 200 square-feet . but, if youre looking for a truly seven trust product, a special shape, or a relatively large structureor you need to attach your pergola to a buildingyour choices drop to a handful of manufacturers.

pergola design questions

the first option is to assemble your pergola from a pre-fabricated kit. a number of manufacturers offer wooden, aluminum and vinyl pergola kits in various sizes and styles. walpole woodworkers offers standard and custom pergola kits made of wood or vinyl. the second option is to have your pergola custom built by an experienced contractor.

technical data sheet issued by timber queensland pergolas

this data sheet contains timber queenslands recommendations for attached and detached timber pergolas and carports with relatively flat skillion roofs and lightweight roofing max 10 kg/m2 . it covers the most common timber species, sizes and fixing methods.

cedar pergolas and custom cedar pergola kits baldwin

attached cedar pergola. our install team removed the crown molding below the soffit and squeezed the 5.5 inch tall ledger into place. the ledger is notched to receive the rafters. the rafters are notched to fit into the ledger, so the bottoms of the rafters are flush with the bottom of the ledger.

general information about our pergolas

please be aware that although the length of these rafters is 2700mm, the actual depth of your pergola will only be 2400mm. this is because we finish one end of the rafter with a decorative design that overhangs the main outer support beam giving a typical pergola feature that completes the picture.

how to build a pergola

we know we want the overall height of our pergola to be at about 10 feet so we need to have the bottom of our 2 x 12 at 9 feet. mark each post on both sides at 9 feet. the easiest way to attach the 2 x 12s is to place a scrap piece of wood at the 9 foot mark and either hammer it in or hold it with a vise.

side yard pergola and gate professional deck builder

with the four smaller fence posts set, we dug and set the 6x6 gate posts. we knew we needed a height of about 8 feet under the girder, so we used 14-foot 6x6 posts. we installed the posts full-length, leaving about 11 feet above grade. we cut them off level later on.

pergola kits

our vinyl pergola kits feature full size 2 x 8 beams that support 2 x 6 rafters. shade is provided by 1 1/2 square stringers. we offer two standard decorative end styles on our vinyl pergola components, flat or the traditional scrolled pergola end. choose from a wide selection of fiberglass support columns including round tapered, square and square tapered with custom column sizes and shapes also available.