which fence are you responsible for

which side of the garden fence is my responsibility

is it the fence looking down the garden or the fence standing in the property looking out that you are responsible for the right side of. originally posted by mrse umm aren't they the same thing

which garden fence am i responsible for?

there are various notions that the way a wall or fence is constructed indicates ownership, for example that the posts and arris rails of a fence are on the owners side. there is, however, no legal foundation for such beliefs. deeds may contain covenants to maintain a wall or fence but on their own,

how do you know who owns the fence between two houses? yahoo answers

ask your neighbors if they know about the fence. if they installed it, they're responsible for it. however, it may be that they shared the cost of that part of the fence with the previous owner of your home - in which case, you are each responsible for your own side of that fence. it doesn't matter what side faces who.

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if you plan to put up a new fence or wall or plant a new hedge, try to talk to your neighbour about it. in that way, you will hopefully put his mind at rest. when putting up a fence, custom dictates that the posts are entirely on your land and the face of the fence, points to your neighbours.

which part of the garden fence am i legally responsible for?

the only way to know which fence/fences you are responsible for, is too look on your deeds. it might have the information on them in the form of a arrow, there is no left or right side rule. however at the end of the day, the fence needs replacing and it's normally best to try and come to an amicable agreement.

who pays for fence replacement?

in your yard. if the fence is in your own yard, sorry, you're probably responsible for all repairs and replacement, legally. you could, however, ask your neighbor for assistance as a courtesy, although your neighbor can also choose to decline to share costs.

which side of the boundary is mine? cjhh solicitors

there is no general rule about whether you are responsible for the boundary fence on the left or right or rear of the property. if your property is registered at the land registry you can obtain what is called an office copy comprising a title plan and register details. you can also obtain co

property line and fence laws in california

property line and fence laws in california one issue that comes up frequently between neighbors is whether or not they are equally responsible for the costs, construction, and maintenance of a fence that sits on the boundary line between their properties.

who is responsible for repairing fence?

the rule is that you are responsible for the fence at the right hand side of your property. you will need to approach your neighbour over this. the deeds of your property will show this is the case if you need back up.

which side of the garden fence is your responsibility

the fence that you are responsible for will most likely have a 't' marked on you side of it on the line ding of it on the property plan. you will be responsible for both sides of that particular fence. it may be on the left on houses one side of the road and on the right the other side.

what side of the fence am i responsible for??? netmums

boundary responsibility is marked out on the property deeds and also at the council district surveyors office where a copy of your property plans are held. sometimes it's the left and sometimes the right. you used to be able to tell by whether you had the good side of the fence or the back of it facing your property, the bad side would be yours.

who owns the fence?

the documentation which comes with the purchase of any property should indicate who owns the garden fence and therefore who is responsible for the garden fence. in the uk, laws about who owns which fence are quite clear.

who is responsible for which side of the property boundary fence

if it's a matter of the fence no longer being stable, you are responsible for your fence and if you can't stabilize it from your side of the property, you have a choice to ask your neighbor if it

boundary fences and fences and boundaries

replacement fence leads to confusion. the wooden fence for which he or she is responsible is rotting away and has become both an eyesore and a danger to the neighbour. the neighbour is a kindly person who is willing to pay to replace the fence, even though he is not responsible for it.

in texas, which side of the fence indicates the owner and responsible

if the fence is completelyt on your property it is completely your responsibility. likewise, if it is completely on your neighbor's land, it is her responsibility. if it is exactly on the property line but facing you, if is probably her fence and her responsibility but, by custom, neighbors sharing a fence on teh line do sometimes share the cost of upkeep.

maintaining garden walls and fences who pays?

as regards fences, the presumption is any posts will be on the owners side. therefore he/she is responsible for maintaining the fence. however, when it comes to working out which side of the fence is your responsibility, these are only presumptions and can be easily rebutted.

in texas, which side of the fence indicates the owner and responsible

in texas, which side of the fence indicates the owner and responsible party for repairs? in general, i have a frustrating relationship with a strange neighbor. now the wooden fence that divides our properties is in bad need of repair, and when i suggest that it may be time to have it fixed, she states that 'she doesn't mind if i fix it if it

whose fence is it

down. you think it is your neighbours fence. you speak to them. or maybe you try to speak to them and fail. they have let their property and gone to live in paraguay. or they cant be bothered. maybe they dont like fences. after a while you give up and erect your own fence. you sell your house and the buyer is told that this is your fence.

neighbor rebuilding shared fence--do i have any responsibility?

if the fence is on her property, you are under no obligation to pay anything, though if the fence is a benefit for you the neighborly thing might be to pay part of the cost of repairing the section that faces your property. again, though, if she owns the fence you are under no obligation to pay for anything.

do you know who owns the fence between two houses?

arguments over fence ownership and responsibilities are some of the most common property disputes. no worries, another strategy to solve the case and figure out which side of the fence are you responsible for is to put on your sherlock holmes hat on and find the sellers property information form.

boundaries, whos side is whos??

the t does not mean you or they 'own' the boundary, rather you are responsible for the upkeep of materials that make up the separating line between the two properties. if you or your neighbour has at any time erected a fence on that boundary, then in general, they or you own the fencing or walling materials the make it up.

fencing laws and your neighbors: faqs

if you would like the fence removed, a trial court judge can issue an injunction against the neighbor. my neighbor constructed a fence on the property line dividing the land. do i have to pay for the fence? the neighbor that built the fence owns it and is solely responsible for its maintenance unless the other neighbor decides to use it.

colorado law: does my fence belong to me or my neighbor?

as long as both property owners use the fence, which means they use the land that touches the fence, have a fence that attaches to the boundary fence or the property is enclosed because the owner has other fences that attach to the boundary fence, then both property owners are responsible for it.

left or right: which fence side is my responsibility?

you may be able to get this information from the conveyance deed, where there could be an already established boundary agreement regarding which fence side you are responsible for. still, your local council usually sets out the regulations for height and width of common boundary features that separate two adjacent properties.