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related code sections. indirect drains shall be permitted to be located in freezers or other spaces where freezing temperatures are maintained, provided that traps, where supplied, shall be located where the seal will not freeze. otherwise, the floor of the freezer shall be sloped to a floor drain located outside of the storage compartment

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a barrier-type floor drain trap seal device can be installed in floor drains. it is an elastomeric type check valve/flapper that opens to allow water to flow and closes in a no-flow condition to prevent trap seal evaporation. this type of device must conform to asse 1072, and may be used in both new and existing floor drains.

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the ipc does not require a floor drain in a restroom. a floor drain in a restroom is required in california ..2010 cpc 411.2.1 upc

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storm drainage, with its piping collection system, is covered in chapter 11. installation, design, storage, handling, and use of non ammable medical gas systems are addressed in chapter 12. gray-water recycling systems are now addressed in chapter 13. standards are identi ed with clear guidelines in chapter 14.

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re: code for floor drains in commercial bathrooms author: dlh tx if it is not required by code it should not be a concern if insurance is needed because of a problem with something else in the building/plumbing system. if the insurance doesnt want to pay then they should lobby the code authorities to make them a requirement

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i looked at a bathroom serving a small work out room today. it has a curb-less roll in shower. there is a floor drain outside of the shower that doesn't have real good slope and drainage. my question is whether that floor drain is required. i thought it was but i can't seem to find it in the codes.

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floor drain requirement. is there any building code that requires a non-residential restroom to have floor drain. typical restrooms in an office building for example. i don't have a copy of the ipc handy so i'm not sure of it's requirements. canadian plumbing code requires a floor drain in any room that contains a urinal

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re: floor drain required floor drain s often present in lieu of a drain pan for water storage tanks usually water heaters or washing machine has overflow tube to floor , if there is other equipment such as heating equipment is present and/or if the electrical equipment panel is also present dry path to panel .

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when is a floor drain required by code. by doni anto december 16, 2016. 0 comment. jones hens 2 no hub code blue floor drain with 7 pan and 5 nickel bronze square strainer height 3 1 4 proset trap guard stainless steel drains drainage s best in cl geberit floor drain hdpe d 75 mm code number 388 001 00 1 unled.

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sometimes one of the bowls of a three bowl sink is required to be indirectly connected. the relief from a reduced pressure backflow preventor has to be indirectly connected - to a floor drain. when hvac equipment has condensate drainage - it has to go somewhere - typically a floor drain. so - while they may not be 'required' - they make good sense.