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apr 1, 2014 - raising the roof designs. see more ideas about second story addition, home additions and ranch remodel.

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re: getting on/off 2nd story roof jkirk the first safest is mentioned earlier, hire someone to do it for you.the 2nd is to rent scaffold, you said your house is a 2 story so your looking at 5 lifts. set the last deck at the height of the gutter, this way you can simply walk over onto the roof.

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a second story with occupied rooms will obviously weigh more than your old roof system did, so engineers will need to calculate how much weight the main-floor walls and foundation will carry as well as how best to hold that weight up.

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building a house step by step 31 40 ceiling beams and hollow bricks arrangement - duration: 9:02. durski pawe 478,382 views

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but it does come with a price, and adding a second story addition is a bigger investment and challenge than a lot of people might realize when going into it. because second story additions are such a huge project, its good to have a clear sense of the process and the costs involved before making the choice to do it.

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nothing could be more disruptive than ripping off the roof of a home, building a new subfloor, second-story walls and then a new roof. i've read stories where some very skilled remodeling contractors were able to disconnect the roof of an existing home, have a crane lift it up and set it aside while they quickly build the new floor and set pre

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further, adding a second story, construction wise, is fairly cut and dry. the second story addition is actually the most livable of all the remodeling projects; you dont need to move out; you can do it any time of the year; in fact winter is the best time to do it because theres no rain and precipitation is easy to manage.

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balloon framing is not used as much anymore as platform framing, the most popular technique for new construction of two- or three-story homes. the first-floor platform is constructed, and then the exterior walls. the second floor joists are attached to the first-floor exterior walls. the second-floor exterior walls are built on top of the subfloor.

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house with sloping or sagging second floor but first floor level. if the second story of a home slopes or sags and the first floor is level, then there is a pretty good chance that the cause doesnt relate to foundation problems but to other issues. often the reason for the second-floor sloping relates to framing issues, poor engineering, past remodeling, water damage or pest issues like termites.

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whether you're installing a Seven Trust floor on the first or second floor of a building, you need a solid subfloor that won't sag and that will hold nails. the two materials that most builders use are plywood and oriented strand board osb . particleboard is suitable only for interlocking floating floors. thickness requirements.

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pouring second-story concrete flooring. when polished they gleam with a high shine and if left a little rough they compliment more rustic styling. they work great for radiant heat and are virtually maintenance free. with the addition of glazes or polish, your concrete floor can fit your minimalist personality or your classic traditional style.

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my last house had a concrete floor over one bedroom that was the floor for a 2nd story porch. every winter we had a bad mildew problem on the bedroom ceiling as water condensed on the cold concrete above. your heated area will be above the concrete so your situation may be different. the floor was very good soundproofing though.

second story floor roof hollow

second story floor roof hollow . okay you can make a second story here's how : take the roof if you have one off the first story. go to roofs in build mode and click the roof with a slash through it push the floor up button on the house shape in build mode. bottom left add any sort of carpet over the area you want your second floor to be on.

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1. weight limitations for 2nd floor rooms. hey folks, i'm a paranoid dweller in an apartment on the second floor of an old victorian house. my kitchen is approximately 10 feet by 13 feet, with no supporting walls under the floor of the kitchen other than the perimeter .

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the 2x12 lumber that i picked up a few weeks ago is perfect. the joists are so strht that i can't hardly find the crown in the lumber. it's coming together quick but there's lots of little

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second, you may be able to save a bundle on roof construction by lifting off the existing roof with a crane in one or two large sections and reinstalling it on the new second story. renting a crane is expensive, but much cheaper than building a whole new roof from scratch.

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then cover the deck with 3/4 t and g sub-floor plywood, and you now have a floor strong enough to build a 2nd floor on. build your 2nd floor walls, and put a new roof on it all within 2 weeks or less without getting the family your working for wet, and the rest of the job moves along nicely.

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if your home has an attic, an attic conversion into a bedroom and bath or a family room may give you the space you want at a lesser cost than either building out or adding a true second story. while you may have to replace the roof if it is old or leaking, that often means just putting a new roof on top of the old roof, which a contractor can usually accomplish in a couple of days.

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there are two ways to create a cape cod style house; with the roof sitting directly on top of the 1st story walls or with the roof sitting on knee walls a set distance above the second story floor. for the purposes of this example, both techniques start with a 30' x 40' building.

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to do this we had to step the second story in on two sides due to setbacks and being right on the property line. this left us with a big blank flat roof on two sides that we are not allowed to make into any kind of usable space.

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what sized beam should be used to support a second story floor and roof load? the span is 16'. - answered by a verified structural engineer