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analyzed unit cost schedule . 4-1 analyzed unit cost schedule table of contents the cost per cubic foot is $8.00 to $18.20. if caissons are not pulled, use $23.50 tilt-up concrete panels or concrete hollow core planks (p.s.f.s.a.) price range typical 5½” and 6” broom finish $11.50 - $14.50 $13.00

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manufacturing cost for hollow core slabs/ planks used for affordable housing / residential & commercial projects. (production time consumed for 130-meter long slabs is less than 2 hour & slab cutting about 5 minutes per cut.) total production per month on 130 meter long casting bed x 95%

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world's first 3d-printed apartment building constructed in china. a chinese company has successfully 3d printed a five-storey apartment building and a 1,100 square metre villa from a special print

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brika concrete slabs: and then we build. through years of frustration with the building industry we one day asked ourselves, ‘how can we build better concrete slabs at a lower cost per square meter, yet at a higher quality than traditional slabs?

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price suggestions above are very accurate as to the finished cost based on a $7.00 per sq core cost. the $7.00 price range seems quite low unless your talking about a very large project. we have one going here that's over 150,000 sq and its slightly over $7.00 and smaller projects under 3000 usually run $10,00 plus just for the core slab.

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