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for pine pergola kits, stain or water seal after installation and the lumber has dried. if you order a pressure treated pine pergola you will have to wait a few months depending upon your climate and weather conditions after it is installed in order for the lumber to be dry enough to absorb the stain or sealant.

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we started by spraying our pergola with stain. this is where you will be really happy that you put plastic down as you will have over-spray the spraying was quick, but you need to spray a small area and then work the stain in, so have your stainstick, a rag or a foam brush handy to work the stain in as you go.

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before we dive into staining and sealing wood pergolas, an important point to mention up front about the timing of when to stain pine vs cedar pergolas: if you have a pressure treated pine pergola, you must wait until the pressure treatment is completely dry before it will accept stain or paint. this can be anywhere from 2-6 months after you assemble the pergola, depending on your local climate.

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able to be stained or painted, wood pergolas can complete an elegantly simple rustic design or stand out as a bold accent piece. but although our wooden pergolas are pressure treated to resist rot, mold, and bugs, they are more susceptible to these than other pergola materials. pros:

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staining pressure treated wood helps in preserving its color, appearance, and texture. in order to stain pressure treated lumber, you can use an oil-based, semi-transparent, or solid color finish. the steps for this process have been enlisted here.

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- danny lipford 754-ad-how-long-wait-before-staining-new- , pressure treated wood often arrives still wet with preservative and needs time to , choose the right sandpaper. sealing, painting and staining pressure treated wood - yellawood when to paint, stain, or apply water repellent to pressure treated wood.

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deck stain colors for pressure-treated wood pressure-treated wood is often left as-is without being coated in a gorgeous deck stain color because many home-owners think you cant use coating on top of the treatment.

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without waiting for the wood to dry, stain and sealant would not penetrate the wood properly, diminishing its ability to protect the wood from weather damage. why does pressure-treated wood need protection? pressure-treated wood is a porous material. without stain, any type of paint or sealant, rainwater, dew or snow can easily penetrate the decking.

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fasteners used on the pergola could also cause staining. if the pergola has corrosive fasteners they could leave black or dark brown spots on the wood. to remove mildew, mix a cup of oxygen bleach with a gallon on water and apply it after washing your pergola thoroughly. once you see the stains lighten, wash it again with soapy water followed by rinsing.

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tips and tricks on staining a pergola it took us a few years to make it a priority, but we finally built our rounded pergola and installed the patio. enjoy this short progression of photos that represents dozens of hours of hard labor, sweaty breakdowns, and actual gnashing of teeth.

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the truth is as soon as the wood is dry enough, it is ready to be stained. there is no waiting period for todays pressure treated wood to let chemicals leach out. waiting too long to stain and protect your deck means the wood loses more of its ability let the stain adhere. that means you will have more steps in prepping the deck for staining.

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report. pressure treated wood has a high moisture content and it's best to allow it to dry before staining or painting. how long that takes is dependent on your local climate. a good rule of thumb is splash some water on the surface of the wood. if it beads, what a couple of weeks and retest. use a semi-transparent or solid stain.

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when it comes to wood staining, there are a few differences between staining regular wood and staining pressure treated wood. you can typically stain regular wood immediately. with pressure treated lumber, you might be able to stain it immediately or you might have to wait a bit.

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step 2. check the wood for mildew before you seal it. mildew is common on treated wood because the chemicals used for pressure-treating retain moisture. clean off the mildew by scrubbing with a solution of 1/2 cup of chlorine bleach per gallon of water. rinse the wood thoroughly after the bleach treatment.

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luckily, that isn't correct. as long as you choose stains that complement the pressure-treated look you have a world of colors to choose from. newer decks built with pressure-treated lumber should choose a light-colored wood stain because once you go dark with stain you cannot go back. older decks, however, should choose something a little bit more of a punch of color to help hide imperfections. below are some great stain colors for pressure-treated decks. beautiful brown

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ordinary pressure-treated lumber from a home center, however, requires anywhere from two to three days to dry sufficiently before you can apply a water-based semitransparent stain.

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i've worked on a number of different projects like this. i think for things like a pergola, cedar would be a great choice. it is relatively light, is easily worked and weathers beautifully. pressure treated is great when it won't be visible. i find it does not stain or seal exceptionally well, however it is strong and dependable.

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in order to protect your wooden arbor or pergola, you should stain the wood, not paint it. this will highlight the natural beauty of the wood. we recommend bakers gray-away products to stain your wood, using the following steps as guide: curing, cleaning, and preparation. new wood needs to cure, or weather, before stain is added.

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the beams are 2x10x22 and 2x8x20 rafters 1 pressure treated lumber. the lumber has been up for 2 months now. i am looking to put a dark stain on the wood, the bosses idea/ my wife what is the best way to stain/protect the wood, and what sort of on going maintenance should i perform on the wood. thanks alex

staining pressure treated lumber

a water base stain does not absorb into the wood as well as an oil base stain. just make sure you choose a stain with color in it. the more pigments in the stain the less the stain will break down from uv rays.

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deck stain colors deck colors exterior wood stain colors cedar deck stain outdoor wood stain porch flooring painted porch floors staining pressure treated wood deck staining the level of durability available in our extreme, semi-transparent wood stain is unmatched.

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it's important to finish typical pressure-treated wood as soon as possible after completion of a deck in order to protect it. splash some water on the deck boards. if it beads up, the wood isn't quite ready to be sealed. wait several days and test it again. when the water absorbs into the wood, it's ready to seal or stain. video transcript people who are building pressure treated wood decks