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over the last few years the uk construction industry has seen a huge rise in precast concrete retaining wall options including interlocking concrete blocks. with so many retaining wall systems on offer, we wanted to share some of our knowledge to assist with this type of retaining wall design.

uwall systems - engineered interlocking precast concrete

uwall is the first new precast concrete retaining wall solution in almost 20 years. learn more about this time, and money, saving product. engineered interlocking precast concrete retaining wall system - uwall systems

interlocking concrete blocks for retaining wall structures

for many years the options for engineers specifying retaining wall structures have been limited to time consuming and often expensive solutions such as gabion baskets or crib-wall systems. however, over the last few years more and more retaining wall projects are being completed in record times and below forecast costs by choosing interlocking blocks.

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retaining walls must be engineered to perform. recon has the industry leading gravity retaining wall system. recon's large retaining wall block can be engineered for unreinforced gravity retaining walls reaching heights in excess of 20'.

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block to block interfaces include friction, shear elements, and interlock. the systems may also employ soil reinforcement that extends into the backfill and allows for the construction of walls with significant height e.g. in excess of 50 ft 15.24 m that could not be accomplished with the blocks alone.

castlerock precast

welcome to castle rock precast. we at castle rock precast are excited to introduce the redi-rock retaining wall system.a system of massive blocks 1800-2400 lbs. each that combined with a specialized interlocking system create walls that are stable, strong, long-lasting, low-maintenance, and beautiful. the time has come to change the way we view retaining walls.

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arrowhead precast designs, manufactures, delivers and installs precast and pre-stressed concrete products for commercial, industrial, institutional, high density multi-family, civil construction, and sound mitigation use. a history of innovation and a wealth of experience position arrowhead among the top precast firms in the united states.

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large reinforced precast modular walls are built from individual large concrete blocks and generally stacked in a running bond fashion. large precast modular block systems usually have an interlocking feature or shear key mechanism that locks one course of block to the next. large

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lhv precast, inc. is a supplier of: the stone strong retaining wall system, precast modular block, and l-wall cantilever retaining walls. lhv provides engineered shop dings for these systems, as well as, construction consulting services.

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experience at grinaker precast since taking over the concrete systems international retaining block wall system in 1989 and the terraforce license with grinakers acquisition of brickor in 1994, coupled with the growing demand, led to the establishment of the business.

gravity retaining wall installation doublewal

doublewal is a gravity retaining wall system. this system consists of precast, interlocking, reinforced concrete modules which vary in size depending upon the application. each module consists of a front face panel and a back face panel held ridged by concrete connecting beams.

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our precast concrete barrier walls are strong, durable, portable and manufactured to last without maintenance. you are able to build custom sized retaining walls with the easy to build interlocking design. our large concrete blocks are fully engineered and certified to astm compliance.

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benefits of woodcrete precast concrete fence and wall systems. seamless installation: our modular interlocking system and range of panel heights 1 to 14 make it easy to achieve the ideal wall for your propertys needs. no bracing or shoring is required during positioning.

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interlocking concrete blocks interlocking concrete blocks are probably our most flexible precast retaining wall system. available with half and three-quarter length options, interlocking concrete blocks enable you to construct walls and storage bays of almost any size.

interlock precast concrete wall system

this style of precast concrete wall is very versatile with a modern graphic look. the concrete wall panels have an identical pattern on both sides, and because it is mass produced using hydraulic equipment, it is typically our lowest cost precast concrete wall system.

interlocking retaining wall better homes and gardens

interlocking concrete block is a way to build a strong wall without mortar. some such blocks are made with flanges that slip over the rear edge of the preceding course; others rely on a system of pins.

redi-rock - j and r precast

redi-rock is an industry leading interlocking retaining wall system for building tall gravity walls and even taller reinforced walls. the redi-rock retaining and free standing wall systems utilize an innovative and unique series of knob and groove technology resulting in a self-aligning system. this engineered solution allows the entire structure to interlock with each other minimizing

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precast concrete manufacturers produce a wide range of engineered earth retaining systems designed to provide a strhtforward and cost-effective solution for your next project. issues with wall height, right-of-way, seismic activity, drainage, quality control and aesthetics can all be overcome with a precast concrete earth retaining system.

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at recon we understand that having great gravity retaining wall products is not enough. we combine our large retaining wall block system with knowledge, tools, and testing that allows us to deliver a wall solution, not just a good block.

quickstone innovative retaining wall solutions

quickstone retaining walls are an innovative precast concrete retaining wall solution, with the natural appearance of sandstone, stackstone and timber finishes. quickstone retaining walls are easy to build, available in interlocking concrete blocks in a range of sizes and configurations.