setting 6x6 posts for pole pergola

setting posts for a pergola

my question is on the setting of the post on a pergola. we are out of austin tx where the terrain of the texas hill country is enriched in limestone. so its more rugged than you would think. i am wondering weather for this project if we should set the posts 6x6 western red cedar in the ground about 3 feet deep like we do fence posts with just

setting posts for a pergola

6x6 galv post holders and 45degree braces about 2 ft long very sturdy setting posts for a pergola like others here i don't like setting post in concrete. the rock also provides good drainage. lot of guys here use crushed rock even when doing pole building. most are set only 3,' 4' at most in the ground and we have some pretty bad wind

how to anchor a pergola to the ground home guides sf gate

2 mount a 6x6 steel pole above concrete; set one post on top of the post anchor's horizontal plate in the dried concrete. barth, brian. 'how to anchor a pergola to the ground.' home guides

should i set deck post footings deeply or use concrete

i am building a deck. how about setting 6x6 p.t. posts down on a concrete footing at 4 feet deep the frost line here and fill with gravel and soil, and then let the posts run high for the railings? this is instead of doing concrete piers and setting posts on them above ground.

be a post master, installing deck and fencing posts

be a post master, installing deck and fencing posts. or post-hole digger. a 6x6 post requires a 10'-diameter hole. shovel a 6' layer of gravel into the hole to provide drainage. now, put the strings back on the batterboards, but move them toward the outside of the layout by one-half the post thickness. set each post in its hole, and

how wide does a 6x6 concrete post footing need to be using

how wide does a 6x6 concrete post footing need to be using an elevated post base anchor? ask question asked 4 years, 2 months ago. i'm building a pergola over a paver patio. the pergola will dimension 11'x 11.5' on center of post with 6x6 posts 4 posts , tied together with sandwiched 2x12 beams.

how to square a pole barn : setting pole building posts

how to lay out a square pole building 2 comments. posts are set 1 1/2 inside the actual building dimension to leave room for the girts that are nailed to the outside perimeter of the posts unless your construction technique will incorporate bookshelf girts . so when setting the mason lines for a 30×40 dimension the post will actually

sonotubes or bury the 6x6 in concrete ?

in my area, we are not allowed to put deck posts in the ground. we can however, put arbor/pergola posts in the ground, and we do. i acually have some 4x4 redwood posts, supporting a large childrens play structure with deck, set in concrete. i pre soaked the ends in copper green using a large piece of pvc pipe, with a capped end.

the how to guide for mounting pergolas to any surface

previously, you would dig a hole for each post and pour a concrete footing at the bottom of each hole for each post to set in. once the concrete had set, you would build the pergola on the posts. today, there are more efficient options to set footings such as helical piers or footings.

carport construction: how to set posts for a carport

carport construction: how to set posts for a carport use a level or plumb bob to set the posts plumb. step 5 - trim planted posts. when the post concrete has hardened usually 48 hours use your measuring tape and measure 77 inches up from each post base. place a mark here. cut off the excess post length wherever it exceeds the 77 inches.

how to install pergola post bases on a concrete patio

this video shows how to install a galvanized post bases onto a concrete patio for installation of pergola posts. skip navigation how to install pergola post bases on a concrete patio

pergola posts

this feature lets you quickly set up alerts based on keywords you specify. pergola posts - bury or just attach to concrete footings. i built a deck several years ago that had a pergola at the end. 2 posts haf the 6x6 in the middle of the sono tube, and the other two sat on top with a j hook and simpson tie to bolr it on after the

how to build a pergola

learn how to erect a column and post when building a pergola. if you are handy with tools, and you enjoy building your own projects, this will not be very difficult to build. the first step will

6x6 posts vs 4 ply 2x6 posts?

re: 6x6 posts vs 4 ply 2x6 posts? i used some this week on a pole building.they are not exactly as you guys are thinking.these are pressure thread for the first 5 feet .each joint is offset and finger jointed.looks to me ass if they are laminated oversize and run thru a 4 sided molder.