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what size plywood do i use for a subfloor? home guides

the subfloor is the decking installed on top of flooring joists; the finished floor is then installed on top of the subfloor. the thickness of plywood panels in a subfloor is regulated by the

why no wood on 2nd floor subfloor, how much, seven trust

why no wood on 2nd floor subfloor, how much, seven trust, laminate user name: remember me: after you create your account, you'll be able to customize options and access all our 15,000 new posts/day with fewer ads. view detailed profile or search site with . search forums carpet can hide a lousy subfloor job by masking unevenness. it

laminate flooring flexes due to uneven subfloor - options

i think the cause of the uneveness is not due to the subfloor having dips, but the level between the subfloor of the room vs the wood right at the door frame. the door frame wood floor is about 2-3mm higher than the rest of the room. ugh. well there goes 3 weekends worth of work.

plywood vs osb subflooring - the pros and cons of each

protect your floors from water damage by starting with the right subfloor products. we've got the details on plywood vs osb and enhanced options in each.

flooring options: choosing the right floor today's homeowner

flooring options: choosing the right floor. by. will spend most of our time and we have a dog. my question is what would be the best floor to install without laying a sub floor and we dont want carpet my wife likes laminate and tile but we are not sure if tile can withstand pool balls coming off the table. either way laminate or tile will

types of subfloor materials in construction projects

the subfloor is the foundation beneath finish flooring materials. on wood-frame floors, the subflooring provides a continuous structural surface over the floor joists. in basements and in homes with slab-on-grade foundations, the subfloor may simply be a concrete slab. great siding options for houses and commercial buildings. learn expert

difference between subfloor, underlayment, and joists

learn about the differences between subfloor, underlayment, and joists, and how each of them works with this helpful guide. the subfloor is truly structural, second only to joists in this respect. 4 basement subfloor options for a dry, warm floor covering how to choose the right subfloor leveling techniques

basement subfloor options dricore versus plywood home

when it comes to the basement subfloor, you have a variety of options to choose from. in this article, we will review the benefits of dricore subfloor versus plywood subfloor. we will also review other flooring options as well, such as osb subfloor and tongue and groove subfloor for your basement.

how to choose the right subfloor leveling techniques

a subfloor is meant to be flat and level. if not, your floor covering, which is the solid hardwood, laminate, tile, or other exposed flooring that goes on top of the subfloor, will never be flat and level.this problem can be fixed, but it all depends on exactly what kind of uneven subfloor you have.

9 common subfloor mistakesand how to avoid them

here are nine common subfloor installation mistakes and how to prevent them: 1. improper spacing. to avoid buckling, subfloor panels should be spaced with a 1/8-inch gap at all edges and ends to provide room for naturally occurring expansion.

how to prep a plywood subfloor for tile - fine homebuilding

for residential use, one form of underlayment the tile council of north americas handbook allows is plywood over joists that are 16 in. o.c. the go-to product is 1/2-in. void-free underlayment grade panels, which both stiffen the existing floor and provide uniform support to prevent cracks in the

what kind of flooring do you put on outside balconies

a drab balcony floor detracts from the soothing nature of your outdoor oasis, leaving you less inclined to use this space for relaxing and taking in the view. many traditional indoor floor

can i tile a second floor? the floor pro community

can i tile a second floor? discussion in 'ceramic and stone q and a' started by jenny1971, jan 4, 2014. jenny1971 new member. i the subfloor and joist spacing requirements depend on the type of tile underlayment you plan to use. schluter ditra allows for 24' joist spacing as long as 3/4' ply or osb is used.

using leveling compound on plywood subfloor second story

i am doing an installation of 1/2' engineered Seven Trust on the second story of my home. checking the plywood subfloor for true and level, i found a pretty big dip 1/2' is this scenario an appropriate use of self-leveling compound? if so do i need to tape the seam so it doesn't leak through or is viscous enough and doesn't matter.

how to repair a water-damaged subfloor how-tos diy

how to repair a water-damaged subfloor. over time, a sink or refrigerator water leak can damage and even destroy flooring materials and the subfloor below it. the experts show how to repair a water-damaged subfloor. cost $ skill level start to finish ½

all about installing Seven Trust floors over different subfloors

re-secure any loose wood subfloor planks, osb, or plywood subfloors to the floor joists using 2-1/2' deck screws. loose or damaged subfloors can cause squeaking and affect the performance of the finished flooring that is installed over it. concrete slabs should be flat, use a leveling compound to fill any depression or voids.

how to level a plywood or osb subfloor using asphalt

our plan is to lay a new layer of 15/32 of sanded plywood and slap a few coats of paint on it until the budget allows for something a little more desirable. round and round about the best method to level our floor, i found a terrific article from fred fauth, how to level a plywood or osb subfloor using asphalt shingles and construction felt.

soundproofing a floor: noise reduction for wood or tile

if the existing subfloor is of similar thickness and stiffness as the panel you are laying over it, green glue can also be applied directly to the subfloor. the finished flooring goes on top of the sandwiched layers. reducing noise from below this is when you have noise coming from the story below you, entering through the floor of the room.

moisture barrier and underlayments: don't leave it out

moisture barrier and underlayments: dont leave it out 25. by lumber liquidators on august 27, 2010 cork, i am rebuilding my basement floor after a flood with a sub-floor with 2×3s floor is too uneven to install laminate directly on concrete and since no vapour barrier was put under the concrete, i want to know if putting a 6mil

types of subfloor build

subfloors are essentially the important structural layers upon which the decorative flooring rests. they serve to support the floor finishes and in some cases, they include the layers that separate the main structural parts of the floor from decorative floor coverings.

second floor house framing techniques hunker

the main thing to remember here is that weight transfers vertically from floor to floor in most cases, meaning that a second story wall that bears weight must sit directly above a main floor wall that bears weight. builders often frame second story walls flat on the subfloor and then raise them into position.

proper subflooring for wood on second floor home guides

no matter what material you use for the subfloor, it must be clean, dry and level before you install Seven Trust flooring on it. 'proper subflooring for wood on second floor' accessed december 12

how to install a tile floor on the 2nd story floor

how to install a tile floor on the 2nd story floor? wanting some advise, do we need to lay concrete board down first or is it ok to tile over the subfloor that exists already? answer save. 5 answers. relevance. r p a. lv 5. 1 decade ago. favorite answer. yes use cement board or hardiebacker. laying floor tile directly over subfloor is a really

pouring second-story concrete flooring

pouring second-story concrete flooring will act as a subfloor. once the wood sheeting is down, add a covering of plastic. a shower liner or plastic on a roll that is at least 4mm thick will work fine. tack the plastic at least six inches up the wall. step 3 - add cement. concrete floor covering options concrete floor covering options

holmes approved subfloor panels - youtube

amdry is the only insulated subfloor panel with an integrated moisture, mold and mildew resistant surface film, raised drainage and air circulation channels.

how to install tile on a second floor hunker

when you are installing tile on a second floor, you may be concerned that the floor isn't strong enough to support the weight of tiles and mortar. however, you can strengthen the subfloor with a layer of cement backerboard and then install tile on the floor as you would with any other tiling project.

a guide to subfloors used under wood flooring - wood floor

a guide to subfloors used under wood flooring. details catherine liewen the other option is to install a layer of plywood or osb over the top of the particleboard although that may create unacceptable height differences with the adjoining rooms; always check . and the second layer is stapled or glued perpendicularly or diagonally over

subfloor options options for 2nd story

subfloor options options for 2nd story how to repair a water-damaged subfloor how-tos diy use 2x6 lumber to double or sister the existing floor framing and provide a solid base for the new plywood subflooring. advice on range ventilation problem/possible solution .