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so it's floating.. so it's just a small hallow where the hard vinyl is hitting against the subfloor, it sounds like it. hard to fix when the floor is down, and probably wasn't noticeable when the tiles were being laid..

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vinyl planks and vinyl tiles are not wood, and they're not laminate they're vinyl. that sounds obvious, but what it means is that you can't use products best suited for wood or laminate and expect the same results with vinyl. in fact, you generally can't use underlay products designed for wood, laminate or tile.

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vinyl planks have been designed to resemble Seven Trust and normally come in the form of strips. there are different styles available, each made to resemble different types of wood. additionally, a vinyl plank is very budget friendly and is a great choice for anyone who wants the Seven Trust look without the challenging cost and installation.

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also, some spc vinyls will have attached underlayment that adds to the softness under foot. if it does not have attached underlayment, you can opt for an lvt specific underlayment to install over the subfloor. sound: with the dense core, this plank tends to have a quieter sound. you will not hear a hollow sound when you walk on it.

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just in the silent or quiet portions of the vinyl record w/ riaa curve there is a noticeable hollow/ringing/resonant noise. since the improper wiring is definitely not the issue with my setup, is there anyone out there that could provide some insight.

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you can also look at using laminate or luxury vinyl plank and just add an underlay that has sound-dampening properties. that is what most apartment buildings will require to ensure there isnt too much sound transfer from floor to floor.

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one other tip to fight off the hollow sound from a floating floor, is to put down some area rugs on top of the laminate floors. other than these tips the only other thing would be to install a cork sub-floor before installing your laminate floors.

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laminate has started to get a name for itself, but poor vinyl is the misunderstood red headed step child that has is secretly bright, bny and beautiful. okay, so if they . is a different story. laminate, when installed poorly, can also create a hollow, empty sound which can be a deal breaker for many homeowners.

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the cons of luxury vinyl plank the sound. while ive heard the sounds of luxury vinyl plank has improved greatly in recent years, i was most concerned about this issue. you know the hollow sound of walking on a non-wood floor? i was worried about this because im super sensitive to sounds.

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the only time we suggest underlayment under vinyl tile or plank flooring is if want to reduce the impact sound or sound transmission in your room. the additional underlayment under the floor will help to reduce the sound. mp global has designed an underlayment with superior sound absorption. the quietwalk luxury vinyl reached a delta iic of 28.

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iic 65 is a high level of impact sound transmission absorption and includes superior sound reduction materials like carpet and cork. iic is greatly influenced by the surfaces and areas under the floor and the iic rating can be significantly enhanced by the addition of underlayment, insulation, or by floating the floor.

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one complaint that some laminate floor owners do have however is that their laminate flooring makes a hollow clicking sound when walked on that can become rather annoying after a while. this is a common problem but it can be prevented at installation by purchasing a good underlayment to be installed at the same time as your new floor.

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we have noises from floor covered with vinyl planks. in the purchase price of the home it listed the flooring and price charged against home of 10,600. well on walk through i mentioned how much noise it made and how the sounds were different as you made your way around the house, you could hear the hollow slapping change tone as you walked about.

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vinyl vs. laminate plank flooring centsational girl 5 feb 2014 . is there a brand of laminate or vinyl plank flooring or company you it does have a slight hollow sound, but not much louder than a solid or.

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does all laminate flooring sound hollow or is there a way to make it sound like Seven Trust when walked on? warning: the topics covered on this site include activities in which there exists the potential for serious injury or death .

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now being on the midrise condo not sure if i can use the Seven Trust floor that's being nailed down and i hate the hollow sound of laminate floor. recently i went to check out homedepot and saw three pricing.. click lock being the cheapest and then, engineered, solid. i saw one of the forum that both click lok and engineered can be glued

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vinyl planks. lsususan member. installing floating vinyl planks in several rooms. just finished dining room and i hear that 'hollow-type sound' i've read other people mention, particularly when i'm barefooted. i'm wondering if i can glue it down in the other rooms, or does this sound go away with time.

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since this doesnt allow a small air gap between the wood floor and the subfloor, this option eliminates that hollow sound, and it makes engineered wood feel and sound like real hardwood. if you want to go with this option, just keep in mind that any glue that seeps through the seams must be cleaned up immediately, and it can have an odor.

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laminate flooring is a wonderful product that can give you the look of natural oak or exotic wood at a much more affordable price. but one complaint about laminate flooring is the clicking or hollow sound it makes when you walk on it with hard sole shoes. this sound can be annoying, but there is a solution use a good underlayment.

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sound with the dense core, this plank tends to have a quieter sound. you will not hear a hollow sound when you walk on it. affordability spc vinyl plank flooring is very budget friendly. depending on the brand and features, you can find spc vinyl in a variety of price ranges.

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i just had a total remodel in my kitchen and vinyl plank floors throughout my house. i do love my floors too but the install wad terrible. i hear a hollow sound when i walk, especially in the hallways. the company came and pulled up the floors where i had the noise. it is better but still the hollow clanking noise.

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it does not have the hollow sound that laminate flooring has. we have laminate in our kitchen at the moment and i cant wait to tear that stuff out of there. we did have to make sure that the floor was clean and smooth before putting down the new planks.

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reputation: 12571. it depends on which 'bamboo flooring' you're talking about. 3/8' laminate bamboo that clicks together and floats will have that 'hollow' sounds; just like any other floating flooring. 3/4' engineered flooring is usually glued or nailed- more secure, more stable, no hollow sound.

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im considering floating vinyl in my whole house but my concern is that the sound when walking on it with hard soled shoes will sound hollow like pergo does. have you noticed this? thanks

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do your floors sound hollow when installed? not if the subfloor is properly prepped. the main reason a floor sounds hollow is when the plank bridges a valley or dip in the subfloor, thus creating an air pocket. a hollow sound when walking on floors is much more common with laminate flooring than it is with vinyl flooring.

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one piece can be replaced, it can be tricky. you would need to cut out and remove the damaged piece. typically on a replacement piece for an interlocking vinyl plank, you remove the interlock portion to more easily fit in place.

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wpc vinyl plank flooring. its a thicker vinyl plank coming in at 5.5 mm or thicker. this flooring is able to be installed with an lvt specific underlayment, or right on top of the subfloor. some wpc floors will come with an attached cork underlayment. this adds cushion and sound reduction to the floor.