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sloping rafters. to cut sloping rafters for a house-attached patio roof, lay a rafter board so it rests on its edge on both the ledger and the beam parallel to the ledger. then force the rafters tip snugly against the house wall. using a block of wood as a ruler, mark the ends for cutting.

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if your span is small enough, you may only need roof rafters, and no ceiling joists at all, and stay above the window. or you could pull your gutter and blocking between the existing rafters and use your existing exterior wall top plate, like comintern mentioned to support a wide enough rafter to carry the span.

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main support beams and rafter placement. 14 12 x 12 flat top attached louvered pergola. using a helper and two ladders proceed to complete the following steps: mount the main support beam which has the rafter hangers onto the wood beam as shown. the top of the wood beam should be flush with the top of the support beam.

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attaching strengthening struts these are provided not only for the strengthening of the whole structure but they also look good and help bring the whole project to an attractive conclusion. please see figs 23 and 24 below for fixing instructions of the strengthening strut from the main beam to the post fig23 and from the outside rafter to the

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attach the rafters. on to the next rafter, repeating the steps exactly as before. continue until all the rafters have been secured. touch up the nail holes by painting over them instead of using wood putty. it's easier and just as effective. also, if you ever have a problem with a rafter, it can be removed easily.

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when all the rafters are installed correctly, form your patio roof by attaching the planks horizontally across the rafters. if you are going to use shingles to cover the patio roof, do not forget to install black roofing felt along with a single layer of oriented strand board. when they are installed, you can begin attaching roofing shingles.

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pergola assembly. how it works; step 1. staking out and positioning of the posts; step 2. securing the posts to the ground; step 3. attaching the ledger board to the house; step 4. attaching the main beam s to the posts; step 5. attaching the cross rafters; step 6. attaching strengthening struts; step 7. options for customised pergola modules; step 8. finish; safety statement

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standard pergola rafter spacing. if your pergola is an even number of feet wide, you find the center point, measure six inches to either side and place your first rafters there. then youll place subsequent rafters a foot off center from those rafters until you reach the end, for a total number of nine rafters that stop a foot short of the edge.

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and here is a view of the floating slats. we recommend that you install one or two rafters on one side of your center beam, then switch sides and install one or two on the other side of center, rather than installing all the rafters on one quarter of your pergola before moving to the other side.

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step 2. attach the cut 2-by-8-inch lumber to the outside of the fascia board, using heavy-duty lag screws and washers. the lag screws should be long enough to sink through the fascia board, fascia header and 2 inches into the roof rafters. having an attachment point at every roof rafter will create a stronger attachment.

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figuring out proper pergola rafter spacing can be tricky. we've got instructions and examples to show you how to space rafters when the numbers don't make it easy, when to use an even number of rafters and when to use an odd number, when to start your spacing with a rafter in the very center of the roof, and more.

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for gazebo attached to your garage or any other part of home, beams used for making roof are designed with beautiful edges. these beautiful pergola edges or rafter tails are used to hang flower pots, lanterns and many other decorative objects. pergola rafter adds the elegance and splendor to pergola designs.

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pergola lattice installation the alumawood pergola lattice covers attach directly to your homes fascia board, fascia board does need to be at least two inches thick, the rafters are available in two heights, 6 1/2' and 8', most kits are 6 1/2' and you need to verify there is enough room for the rafters to attach to your fascia board.

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at the beam end, the rafters are fastened with a 10 inch structural screw through the top of the rafter into the beam. the roof deck is 1x6 attached to the top of the rafters with 1/4 inch space between boards. black roofing felt accentuates the shadow gaps from below.

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ends of rafters and beams shaped to reduce end grain exposure ledger rafter lightweight roong max. 10kg/m2 note: fascias, gutters, downpipes, etc. may be required. double diagonal bracing between posts in both directions a typical attached pergola battens footing knee brace beam post hot dipped galvanised stirrup ends of rafters and beams

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take the rafter tailsthese are the decorative edges where the rafters cantilever outside the pergola's four-sided frame. they're a focal point, and spending a little time designing them is a good

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first of all you have to decide where you are going to have your pergola and how much shade you want. pergola with retractable canopy kit key:41 a curved roofline can have a dramatic effect. this freestanding pergola fuses asian and contemporary styles with its clean lines and spare detailing.

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move up to 6-by-6 posts and 2-by-8 beams and rafters to keep the pergola looking sturdy. add intermediate posts and additional beams anytime a beam or rafter span is longer than 12 feet to prevent sagging in the future.

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install rafter stiffener. to install rafter stiffeners to your house rafters you will need to temporarily move your existing roofing so that you can have access to the rafters. rafter stiffeners are lengths of timber that are used to provide additional support to the house rafters. fascia brackets attach directly onto them.

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roof trusses combine rafters and attic floor joists into a modular triangular unit that replaces the traditional roof framing method. in traditional framing the roof is built stick by stick. with trusses it is possible to prefabricate the pieces needed into modular frames that can be installed every 24 inches to frame a roof with much less time and trouble.