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put up the first line of fencing wire. this is to act as a guide to where to sink the line posts in with the post-pounder. the first wire should be around 8 to 10 inches 20.3 to 25.4 cm off the ground. this step is usually not necessary for board or rail fences, nor temporary electric fences.

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2 answers. the options ran from super cheap and not very nice looking pvc hammered onto the existing posts and another roll of chain link attached to it to more intensive anchoring new wooden fencing to the chain link to create a privacy fence and professional looking. this was the most impressive one i came across,

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5 foot tall wrought iron fence and gate used as a garden enclosure 6 foot 72 inch tall wrought iron and aluminum fence. at this height, most folks cannot see over the fence. you will be talking through the fence rather than over it to another person. 6ft tall fence is good if you want to send more of a stay out security message with the fence.

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what others are saying stunning cool tips: gabion fence railway sleepers vinyl fence shops.fence painting before and after horse fence ideas. 8 vibrant clever tips: green picket fence temporary fence for dogs.front yard fence for dogs rolling fence gate.

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use screws to attach the sleeve to keep it secure on the post. repeat this for all the posts along the length of the fence. step 3 - cap and horizontal connectors. put the cap on top of the sleeve, using your wrench to secure it tightly, and add the horizontal connectors between the fence posts so you have the skeleton of the fencing structure.

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by mason howard. if you have a cinder block fence and need to heighten it to increase your privacy or to keep your dog from escaping, add one or more extra rows of cinder blocks. matching cinder blocks can be affixed with mortar. pre-mix mortars are widely available and easy to use. alternatively, you can make your own mortar with sand and cement.

fence not tall enough for privacy

fence not tall enough for privacy. i put a six foot fence up, but my neighbour built a patio about 1.5 feet higher than the patio level on my side. they also built a low brick wall around it. so when they stand on it, i can see their whole head and more if the person is taller. so i have no privacy on my patio.

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3. if the fence is already in place, research electrifying the fence. we have horses nearby with such a fence and some systems i believe you can choose how much voltage to can use. e.g. start small and work up. talk to your vet before using any electric shock system.

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how to add height to existing 6'ft wood fence? - yahoo answers best answer: if you were to extend the height of a 6' high fence, you would increase both the weight of the fence and the wind load on the existing posts

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when omar gonzalez managed to scale the fence at the white house and run all the way inside the front doors of the building's columned entrance members of congress were so alarmed by the secretget price

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they are starting to rot in places so need replacing but wife would like to make the fence higher by two feet. tried looking for ready made panels but they are all 1.8 meters wide and the concrete boards are 6 foot, ie 1.83 wide and replacing the posts is not an option too lazy

residential wrought iron fence panels for back yards.

residential grade wrought iron fence residential wrought iron fences are perfect for beautifying any landscape and is proven to increase the property value of your home. the perfect solution for enclosing a swimming pool or for keeping your children and pets safely contained in your yard.

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wood pallet privacy fence pallet fence garden privacy fence extension privacy trellis fence topper wonderful pallet fence ideas for backyard garden backyard privacy wooden pallet adding lattice to the top of fencing to create extra privacy.

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electric wire or more wire mesh, maybe even barbed wire, depending on the situation not only would it make your fence taller, it would make what's already there stronger as well, especially if you can locate the new t-posts on the opposite side of the fence from the current ones and then secure your fence wire from both sides.