deck boards vs tongue and groove over roof

tongue and groove roof decking - american wood council

timber tongue and groove decking is a specialty lumber product, constituting an important part of modern timber construction, that can be used for many applications to provide an all-wood appearance. nominal three and four inch decking is especially well adapted for use with glued laminated arches and girders and is easily and quickly erected.

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2 in. x 6 in. x 12 ft. select tongue & groove decking board

2 in. x 6 in. tongue and groove decking provides the customer with an outstanding solution for roof and subfloor structure where exposed to the lower level. this tongue and groove decking combines appearance grade with unsurpassed quality of finish, making them ideal for exposed ceiling applications.

structural decking - western wood products association

tongue & groove structural decking structural decking (also known as "roof decking") - should not be confused with lumber intended for residential and non-residential outdoor decks. standard structural decking patterns are 2" nominal, tongued and grooved (t&g) and 3" and 4" double t&g products, available with vee or eased edges, to meet

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what you need to know about roof sheathing

the main reason to use tongue-and-groove boards these days is appearance from beneath the roof. say what you want about them but osb and plywood do not offer a very attractive “finished” look. t&g roof decking, however, looks classy and rich.

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