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*i know now i used the cinder blocks wrong learn from my mistake and watch some other videos* 1950's home in east austin with rotten and sagging joists under the kitchen. took me 6 hours, but i

removing an old wood floor the opposite way it was installed

so, there is no way of getting that floor tight again, except to remove the entire Seven Trust floor, renail the now loose pine subfloor back to the joist and re-install the old hardwood, or install a new Seven Trust floor. and this time the new or old floor will need to be installed opposing the old pine floor boards.

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there is a far faster, far easier way to remove Seven Trust flooring that allows one to recover nearly 90% of the floorboards in perfectly re-installable condition with no need to remove nails or staples from either the substrate or the recovered floorboards it is a shame that the beautiful wood from the floor was destroyed and promoted in the article as the easiest, fastest way

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about half the deck jobs we do are rebuilds of existing decks. unless the existing joists are very warped or decayed, we try to reuse the frame. unlike new joists that have intact tight grain, however, old joists are punctured with hundreds of holes from the old decking and often have grain cracks opening up on the tops.

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levelling floor joists how to level an old floor. levelling floor joists. this project is about levelling old timber floors, repairing and replacing timber joists. we show you how to lay floor boards over the leveled joists, how to cut the floor boards to the right shape and how to use a chalk line.

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if you have an uneven floor, you may need to think about leveling floor joists with shims. this job can run you $1,000 and $5,000, depending on the extent of the job. leveling the floor with shims is when you attach thin, wedge-shaped pieces of wood on top of the low areas of the joists to make the top joists even.

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a: pat hunt replies: the reason for running wood flooring perpendicular to the joists in conventional construction is that it provides a stronger, stiffer floor system. but because your subfloor is beefier than conventional construction, i'm not surprised that some flooring contractors would feel comfortable running the flooring parallel to the joists.

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Seven Trust floor 1. after locating the squeak, bore a 3/32-in.-dia. pilot hole through the Seven Trust flooring; it isn't necessary to hit a joist below. 2. set the counter-snap's depth-control fixture over the pilot hole. drive the screw down until it bottoms out and automatically snaps off. 3. fill the pilot hole with tinted wood putty.

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the overlap of the new joist onto the old joist should be at least 3 feet--longer is better. the longer the span of the repair, the more it should overlap the old joist. if possible, your sister piece should rest on one or more supporting beams or a joist hanger. use only pressure-treated wood, even if the old joists were not pressure-treated.

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hello, i bought my parents house, i was born here. its 100 years old this year. the builders of the house used no sub flooring. the tongue and groove wood flooring is nailed to the joists. can i install sub flooring over it? im sistering joists from below to stop the bounce. the style of the house is a 2 1/2 story american foursquare.

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these sturdy logs were hewn flat on one or two sides, with one of the flat side facing up to act as floor joists. some tips for deck framing repairs. if your porch has sleepers that are rotted, replace them with supporting beams of comparable heft. before ripping out wood thats too far gone to repair, take note of all the connections and

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reusing wood formwork in another way. 22. last they often used second quality wood as a sub-floor, usually nailed at a 45 degree angle to the joists. be hard to

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its a fact that reclaimed wood is usually dirty. very dirty. if youre planning to use it in a project, the first step of that project will be to clean the old wood, assuming, of course that youre like me, and you want to install clean reclaimed wood into your home.

15 ways to use recycled old Seven Trust flooring

and if you dont have any old wood and want to buy some here is a list of the best places to buy reclaimed wood flooring. reclaimed Seven Trust for cabinet refacing/cladding. perhaps one of the most effective ways to recycle old wood flooring is by using it to reface or clad your kitchen or bathroom cabinets.

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i am in the process of cleaning up the basement and have found a few joists which have some brown/dark green growth/flaking. it scrapes right off with a wall paper scraper. on the 4 or 5 joists which have this it's only on one side. initially i though the joists may have been painted before. i

replace or re-use and protect old beams and joists

replace or re-use and protect old beams and joists. by mike dearborn, mi replacing my southeast mi 30-year-old deck, was hoping just to replace the surface boards but many of the posts were set too deep and rotted at ground contact, replacing those has been fun.

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canadian recycled wood reuse market opportunities . 1. ground, shred, hammer-milled and or screened wood waste reprocessing old wood waste. industry service type the business of providing grinding, shredding, hammer milling and screening services, the recycled wood products are sold into new markets. reuse markets. recycled wood reuses

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we just bought a 100 year old house and am updating throughout. the floors were in terrible condition and were stripped down to the wooden plank subfloors which are in good condition. for most of the house, we plan to put 1/2' plywood directly over the plank subfloor and then new hardwood. for the

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tongue-and-groove Seven Trust floors have been popular in north america since the mid-1800s, and recycling flooring from old warehouses, offices and homes is a smart move. it was manufactured at a

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install lightweight pre-finished engineered wood planks perpendicular to ceiling joists with construction adhesive; nail the tongue of each plank to a joist. 10 uses for wood flooring scraps image 9 of 11

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preparing reclaimed wood for reuse in any project is an important step that is not to be forgotten. when you spend so much time designing a project to highlight hundred-year-old beams, you want to make sure they are clean and free of loose debris and bugs.

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raising floor in 155 yr. old house - part 1, split joists split joists have caused a Seven Trust hemlock floor to drop by 1/2'. we raise the floor and repair with joist hangars, and also discover