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tutorial on hanging closet sliding doors home guides

installation. to install the doors, install the track on the top of the doors frame. the task is easier if you predrill the holes and use a drill bit on the drill to secure the screws. drill holes, if necessary, for the door pulls. install the pulls. secure two rollers on the tops of each of the doors.

how to trim a door that is dragging on carpet / how to

how to trim a door that is dragging on carpet / how to shorten a door that sticks to floor u do it. take the door back to location and hang it by installing the hinge pins starting with

flooring calculator estimate hardwood, laminate, and vinyl

always measure the widest parts of the room. if there is a bump out or any other irregularity that creates additional width, measure at that point, even if most of the room is not that wide. if the floor plan is complex or there are multiple rooms, break it up into smaller, regularly shaped sections. then add the sq. ft. together.

noise and your floors

noise and your floors. sound absorption of floor coverings may be measured on two of those scales. the third covers room-to-room transmission, more appropriate for walls as opposed to floors. again, anyone whos ever lived in an apartment or shared a home knows how important this can be.

how to install a floating floor: 15 steps with pictures

use the measurements above to estimate how much osb or plywood you will need. if you decide to install your floating floor on concrete anyway, you need to test the concrete with a calibrated concrete moisture meter to verify that it is dry less than 4% moisture content before proceeding.

how to install wrought iron spindles - the lady diy

this is part two of my diy staircase makeover how to install wrought iron stair spindles. you can find part one how to gel stain an oak handrail here. if youve read part one of my staircase makeover, youll know that our house was drowning in golden oak.it was everywhere, and i couldnt wait to see it all gone.

how to install kitchen cabinets to the wall and floor with

to determine which height to install kitchen cabinets, measure the height of the floor units, of the plinths and also the tiles or floor covering if not already laid. the units i am installing here are 720mm high and the plinths 170mm tall, making the total height 890mm to which you can add 5mm tolerance.

how to install vinyl plank flooring love and renovations

i answered our most frequently-asked questions in this post about how we feel about the floor after living with it for a few years, but one thing i havent ever done is a detailed tutorial on how to install vinyl plank flooring. so, here we go.

how to install a floor level newel post using newel post

how to install a floor level newel post. the post is placed over the hanger bolt, which goes through the ½ hole. the top of the hanger bolt is now visible through the 1 hole allowing you to add a washer and a nut. the nut is tightened down with a versa tool and the hole is plugged with a tapered plug.

install a new stair handrail - the family handyman

with the stair railing mounted, its easy to measure for and install the short pieces that return to the wall at the top and bottom of the rail. measure from the long point of the 45-degree miter on the rail to the wall and add about 1/16 in. for a tight fit. then cut the returns on your power miter saw.

how to install treated wood on trailer floors home

measure the width and length of the trailer. buy lumber slightly longer than the bed of the trailer so you can fill the length with one board. for example, if the trailer is 10 feet long, don't buy lumber that's 8 feet long; instead, choose 10 or 12 foot boards.

how to measure dresses size - inweddingdress.com

hollow to hem: do this with the shoes you will be wearing with your full length gown or dress for best results. a short length dress should measure to the hem of the dress. height: measure in bare feet. begin at the top of the head and pull tape strht down to the floor. always get measured by a professional.

how to replace an interior door the family handyman

use a door lock installation jig. we used a door lock installation jig to bore holes in the slab for the latch and lever. the one shown in the photo screws onto the side of the door and includes two hole saws. bore holes for the latch and lever. use the existing door as a guide to measure the distance from the top of the door to the center of

how to install a floor level newel post using newel post

how to install a floor level newel post installing a solid newel post on a floor level can be done several ways with several types of stair installation hardware . each makes the process relatively simple and easy for the do-it-yourselfer so dont be intimidated.

how to avoid common problems when installing laminate flooring

lay a four to six foot level on the sub-floor, and see how close you can get the bubble to float between the vertical lines. if you find that the bubble is floating to one end of the level, the floor may be uneven. use the level to measure gaps. any depressions that measure less than 1/8' are okay for a new floor installation.

how to install a hollow metal door frame in an existing

how to install a hollow metal door frame in an existing masonry wall. 1. measure the outside of the frame. 2. measure the opening to verify it is the correct size. 3. check the sides of the opening to ensure they are plumb. 4. mark plumb lines on the face of the sides of the rough opening.

install a sturdy, code compliant, handrail that will last

how to measure stairs. the handrail needs to run the entire length of the stairs to make sure it's safe and code compliant. the easiest way to determine that distance is to hook a tape measure onto the bottom stair nose and measure up to the top. our expert prefers to add 6-inches to that measurement to provide a 3-inches buffer on each end.

how to install an entry door with sidelights - part 1

the installation of an entry door is a common do it yourself project that one can do in a day. here you will find the information needed to complete the installation. the first step is to purchase the supplies and prepare for the installation. this is part 1 of 2. to move ahead to part 2, click here. step 1 - size the opening and purchase the door

how to install quarter round - youtube

this video demonstrates how to install the first row of your fausfloor laminate floor. for more information about this video or fausfloor products visit www.fausfloor.com.

how to trim door after new carpet installation - youtube

how to install and apply silicone caulk tutorial video guide diy bathroom hacks - duration: 12:35. bathroom plumbing and fitting 2,102,341 views

how to replace an interior door the family handyman

measure the distance from the edge. on the old door, measure the distance from the edge of the door to the edge of each hinge. use the same measurements for each hinge on the new door. trace the hinges. line up each hinge inside the marks on the new door and trace the outline. score the mortises

installing an interior barn door lessons learned

step 1: install hanger on door. then using your block of wood and /or measuring tape make sure everything lines up and tighten them down. quick note: if your door is not larger than the opening than you will be able to see the holes for the bolts as shown above. if this bothers you consider using a plug or epoxy filler.

glue down engineered Seven Trust floor on concrete

floating floors for the most part do not offer this benefit unless a seven trust underlayment is used and a very flat subfloor is maintained prior to installation. after the addition some still complain of the hollow effect floating floors exhibit. a properly glued Seven Trust floor will feel and sound very much like a traditional solid floor.

how to install baseboard and shoe molding for Seven Trust floors

tip: baseboard should not be fastened to the floor, which inhibits floor expansion beneath the baseboard. installing shoe molding. shoe molding follows all of the same principles as baseboard in terms of cuts and placements. the only difference is that the measurements are shorter because shoe sits inside the perimeter of the baseboard.