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‘beyond code’ bracing solutions) braced wall panel location (r602.10.1) in addition to being used to meet minimum bracing amounts, the location of braced wall panels on braced wall lines must meet the additional constraints (see figure 4): (1) braced wall panels must be spaced no greater than 25’ oc along a braced wall line, and.

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by emperordmb october 2 to a panel that showed an elderly abeloth sneaking a drink from the font of power while the father hurled force lightning at both the son and daughter. he had been

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residential code 2015 of utah 6 wall construction r602 wood wall framing r602.10 wall bracing r602.10.6 construction of methods abw, pfh, pfg, cs-pf and bv-wsp r method abw: alternate braced wall panels

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“braced wall panel” braced wall panels methods 1-8. 18. 19 §602.10.3&4 methods 1-8 48” panels 12’ from corners osb alternative method 32” panels mix and match hold-downs other requirements §602.10.5 continuous osb 24”, 27”, 30” panels no mix and match no hold-downs

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alternate braced wall panel

2 anchor bolts at panel quarter points #4 reinforcement bar at the top and bottom . panels shall be supported directly on a foundation which is continuous across the entire length of the braced wall line. 3000# ab p . minimum 2’8” panel width . maximum10’0” height . 3/8” apa rated sheathing both sides. secure with 8d nails . edge: 4

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r alternate braced wall panels.

r alternate braced wall panels. alternate braced wall lines constructed in accordance with one of the following provisions shall be permitted to replace each 4 feet (1219 mm) of bracedwall panel as required by section r602.10.4. the maximum height and minimum width of each panel shall be in accordance with table r602.10.6: 1.