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how to build a gazebo from a kit step 1: assemble the base frame. step 2: level and secure the base. step 3: lay the decking. step 4: assemble the walls. step 5: attach the corner posts. step 6: raise and attach the walls. step 7: attach the headers. step 8: attach the main roof rafters.

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welcome to our guide to building your very own backyard gazebo gazebos are a useful and versatile outdoor structure that can elevate and enhance your backyard space. a backyard gazebo provides a place for you to host great backyard parties, as well as a place to sit back and relax, and can act as a central focus for special events like weddings.

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building your deck in an unconventional shape like an octagon isn't as challenging as it sounds. learn how to build an octagon deck that can be used as a floor for a gazebo at

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strategically placed plants can form a seamless transition between the gazebo and the rest of the yardscape. planter boxes are simple to build and can dress up your new gazebo when filled with colorful flowers. best of all, they can be easily changed out to keep the look fresh. light it right

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simply follow the brief instructions: build the walls, mount the beams, add the windows, cut the upper beams and attach the upper ones, build the roof and finally add the finishing touches. gallery of how to build a gazebo on a deck:

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how to build a gazebo roof plans after you have installed the wooden boards or the plywood sheets, you have to cover the surface with roofing paper. next, you should install asphalt shingles, wooden shingles or metal sheets.

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outlines the demolition of our old deck and the highlights my construction of our new deck and gazebo. this was a great learning experience as i've never tackled a project this big.

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bolting your gazebo to your deck ensures that it is securely fastened to a larger structure. this is important if you live in a windy region where the gazebo might be toppled in a storm. bolting the gazebo to the deck also allows you to use the deck as the floor for the gazebo, whereas you would need to build a separate floor if you have a standalone gazebo.

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connecting the headers and rafters. time for the roof. for this step, you will need an assistant. on the ground, take one rafter and connect it to the center block. have one person person a take a ladder and move it to the center of your gazebo. climb to the top with the center block in hand.

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decks with gazebos. customers make a sizeable investment; and adding a gazebo increases your outdoor living time by protecting you from the elements. when its hot on the deck, move under the gazebos shade. add a screen to shield against bugs and drizzle. 95% of our gazebos have screens added to them making this a functional space for dining,

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add an enclosed screen porch to your house using basic framing and deck building techniques. you can add a spacious, airy outdoor porch to your home. we'll show you how to build a porch with step-by-step plans and the equipment you'll need. attaching gable roof to existing roof