how to make a gate out of a fence panel

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step 1. subtract approximately 2 inches from the width of the gate, an inch for each side to allow room for the hinge and for the gate to swing open and closed. make the height any measurement you desire, unless it must fit inside a space, in which case you must allow at least an inch along the bottom and top.

how to convert a wood fence panel to a gate

if you have an opening in your fence for the gate, use a tape measure to measure across the opening from post to post. the width of your gate will need to be about an inch less than the measurement of the opening. determine the proper width for your gate and mark the measurement on the rails of your fence panel.

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make the width of the gate about an inch less that the width of the opening to allow the gate to move freely. step 2 cut a two-by-four into two pieces equal to the width of the fence, using a saw.

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the 4x6 would give you the extra beef to minimize door swing sag or bounce along the swinging path. of course, screw the 4x6 to the end fence post which there should be or screw 2 4x6's to each other at the end of the fence. vinyl is heavy and a framed gate which it better be is really heavy compared to wood.

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take your time on this part you might have to add and remove the panels spacers to achieve the correct height. to mount the hardware, stabilize the cut portion of the fence back into its original space. as you see in the picture, the swinging portion of the fence is a bit higher to give the fence swing clearance.

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from the beginning of this project, we determined our gate would be 68 inches, and our removable fence section would be 90 inches, plus or minus. we can now measure with confidence the precise length of the removable fence section by simply measuring one of the backers that were just custom-cut into place.

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if your gate is the same size as your fence panels, you can use the top rail pattern, minus 1 in, to mark and cut the curved top. otherwise, youll have to make a new pattern. push both sides together and square them as a unit by shifting them until the diagonal measurements are equal.

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when you put a gate in a fence, it is much less rigid and will tend to wobble or sag. if you can put a lintel or brace across the tops of the posts on either side it will improve rigidity a lot. the fence panel itself is to weak to hinge, so the frame is the real gate, and the panel is just fixed to it.

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one of the most versatile items that you can have on your homestead is a cattle panel. they can be used for trellises for growing food, temporary fences to section off live stock and even like

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for the gate posts, use posts 1.5 to 2 times the diameter of the other fence posts, and attach them to the nearest fence post using a tensioned wire strung diagonally from the bottom of the gate post to the top of the other post.

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go to the lowes page that you linked to, and go to the top right corner. type in 'vinyl fence gate', and hit enter. you'll see several options. you could probably cobble together a gate or door out of the material you have, and add some wood, hinges, latch mechanism, etc.

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screw a set of hinges into the face of your gate. your top hinge should attach through the top rail of your gate, and your bottom hinge should attach through the bottom rail. have someone help you lift the gate and hold it in the opening of your fence. hold the gate an inch or two off of the ground and attach the hinges to your fence post.

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if youve always dreamed of a white picket fence, tis the season to make it a realitystarting with this white picket fence gate from fry sauce and grits.roll up your sleeves and dig two, 2

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although i usually list all the tools and materials i use for the different projects at the end of the posts, this time, to make it easier for you to follow the steps, i have decided to do it right at the beginning, before i go ahead and explain how to add the fence gate. tools and materials you need to add a gate to an existing wood fence: