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the depth of the posts and size of the footer, or amount of concrete poured to hold the posts in place, is critically important because thats the base on which your pergola stands. if the posts and footers arent secure enough, the structure could lean or sink in time, particularly in cold climates where the frost can heave things out of the ground.

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step 1. set four 2-by-4 stakes in the ground to represent the four corner posts. drive the first stake in the ground at the first corner. pull a tape measure along the first wall out to the distance of the length of the wall. for example, if your four posts will be set 10 feet apart along the length and width of the building,

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however, you can change the proportions of the pergola in any way you choose. for example, you can create a long, narrow walkway pergola by cutting the upper two-by-sixes in half, thus halving the pergola's width. add more two-by-eight beams, vertical posts, and one-by-threes to add as much length as you wish.

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how to pour concrete footings for a cedar pergola. 1. line up post mount on bottom of post and mark hole location. 2. using olts footprint, poor concrete into forms and position your post mount brackets correctly. 3. make sure post mounts brackets are installed at the proper height, adjust as necessary.

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diy pergola plans how to plan and post a pergola apr 22, 2009 i budgeted two days to level and prep the site, a day to dig and set the posts, and another to mount the girders and rafters.

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mount pergola posts to concrete footing 6x6 cedar posts bolted to a simpson post base which is screwed to a concrete footing simpson strong tie abu66z z-max skip navigation sign in

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post mounting hardware. if you are installing on top of a wood deck choose wood lag. the 6×6 bases can be used on the big kahuna pergola kit and sombrero pergola kit, and the 4×4 bases can be used on the fedora pergola kit. the price shown includes one galvanized post base and one concrete anchor or wood lag if chosen . you will need to order one for each post.

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i want to build a pergola similar to the one below and was wondering what to use to connect the posts to the ground notice how they are at an angle to the vertical also, what is the connector/ mount pergola post at an angle. ask question asked 3 years, 2 months ago.

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how to install pergola post brackets. image credit: if youre building a pergola, you will need to find a way to install your pergola posts.there is a simple way to install footings check out this article on installing deck footings if you want to put the posts directly into the concrete, but many experts contend that for the long-term, installing post brackets into the