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if you want a yard that demands less time, money, and water, consider these low-maintenance lawn alternatives. turf grass covers nearly 47 million acres in the u.s., according to the lawn institute. but theres plenty thats not green about all that green: the average household dumps 60 gallons of water a day on conventional lawns. toxic lawn herbicides and pesticides run off into lakes and streams. gas-powered mowers spew pollution into the air.

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metal fences also tend to damage easily which will mean a high maintenance cost unless you like the look of a broken or dented fence. if you have a metal fence dont worry because not all hope is lost. just incorporate a hedge before the fence to double up the layers similar to if you have a wooden fence.

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if a garden needing little to no care is your dream and youre in need of tried and true landscaping ideas, consider these pro ideas to keep your yard as low maintenance as possible. paving adding paved surfaces to your yard is a smart way of getting rid of some of high-maintenance grass and flora you need to look after while keeping the area

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incredible strength a vinyl privacy fence is five times stronger than wood and requires little maintenance. it is impervious to sun and weather, meaning it wont rot, warp, crack, or twist. plus, because no termite or pest wants to munch on pvc, you dont have to work about holes or cracks.

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if your neighbour is legally responsible for a boundary fence, you should not paint your side of the fence, attach nails to it, and so on, unless you have permission. if you do not have their permission, doing so could amount to criminal damage. if you are unsure as to who owns the fence,

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agricultural-residential districts may utilize chain-link outside of the required yards, including for fencing approved for screening purposes. no chain-link fencing is allowed within required yards. 2. fences and gates approved for screening purposes in industrial or commercial districts shall be metal, tubular steel, masonry, or wrought iron.

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incorporating pots into landscaping not only makes a yard more low-maintenance, but also more versatile. 'we love to use pots, especially for clients who want color in different parts of the yard,' says peyton. 'plus, pots are easy to move around. if you're having a party on your patio, you can move them to that area.'

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backyard fences where you mix materials are popular. sections of wooden pickets separated with stone or brick pillars make for a nice natural look. gates of different materials also can break up the monotony of one type of fencing material. a wrought-iron gate with a stone fence makes for a great aesthetic.

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if all the work in the garden is stuff you dont mind doing, the garden wont feel as though it is a lot of work no two low maintenance gardens then will ever be exactly the same. in order to create the best garden for you; start by working out what you dont like doing and find ways to minimise that.

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maintaining garden walls and fences which side is my responsibility? i live in a terraced house with a wall separating my garden with my neighbours on one side and a fence on the other. which side of the fence is my responsibility? who is responsible for paying to maintain them?

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hiding a chain-link fence is the classic example here, as chain-link fences hold no ornamental value whatsoever; you would gladly dispense with them if not for the practical functions they serve. for most people, white picket fences evoke the idea of cottage gardens , regardless of whether you have the classic wooden type or have opted instead for a pvc vinyl fence .

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electric fences are only allowed around nonresidential outdoor storage areas or contractors equipment or storage yard. no electric fence shall be permitted, installed, or used unless it is completely surrounded by a nonelectric fence or wall that is at least six feet in height. 2. height. electric fences may have a maximum height of 10 feet. 3.

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'party fence wall' this does not mean a fence in the usual sense. it is a wall that does not form part of a building but which does straddle the boundary. it is a wall that does not form part of a building but which does straddle the boundary.

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a chain link fence requires little or no maintenance. all chain link fencing is galvanized, meaning the metal wire fence material was treated in a chemical process to extend its life and protect it from rusting.

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here are some backyard fence benefits and backyard fence ideas for your yard. open backyards are beautiful, but often lack security and sense of useable space. see a few reasons why you should consider adding a fence to your backyard.

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the same principle will apply to latches and having attachment point on both sides of a gate post and gate upright. when choosing a low-to-no maintenance fence, use stainless steel hardware which has been powder coated, or a quality polymer piece of hardware.

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many white picket fences are vinyl a type of plastic , which requires no maintenance whatsoever aside from the occasional hose down. depending on where your home is located and the weather you experience , your fence takes a beating from heavy rain, wind and snow.

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vinyl fences are extremely stylish and effortless maintenance. it is very basic to install. the most apparent reason people desire to put in a vinyl privacy fence is just to offer added privacy to a home or business. a fence will provide the yard a feeling of definition and with nice landscaping will give a sense of retreat, whatever the size.

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a corrugated metal fence lines the perimeter of the low-maintenance yard for ultimate privacy. a corrugated metal fence is another modern, unique option for outdoor fencing. this type of fence will often be cheaper than a traditional wood fence, but it looks much slicker than a chain-link fence.

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all good fences need periodic maintenance to keep them functioning properly and looking their best. when faced with damage, the first decision is whether to repair or replace. armed with the tips shown in this guide, you can make a fence as good as new with minimal need to replace sections.

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lawn and garden; 11 living fences that look better than chain link natural fences constructed of shrubbery, trees, or flowering bushes are attractive and environmentally friendly havens for

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our wood privacy fences are treated to resist water damage and bugs. proper maintenance can ensure that your fence looks good and stays strong years after it is installed. you can protect your fence by keeping it clean of dirt using a power washer occasionally. the vinyl and chain link fences need little to no maintenance at all.

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strong your fence should be strong enough to keep a big dog in your yard and a prying neighbor out the best fence options are as good as they are sturdy theres no room for flimsy fences here american-made the best backyard fences are those that are built right in your backyard well, not literally, of course we mean fences