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retrofitting weep holes after the fact

i'm seeing more and more instances recently of poured concrete retaining walls without weep holes, retrofitting weep holes after the fact weep holes without a collection system only work where the backfill has a high hydraulic conductivity. if you cant excavate the wall down to the footing, than your options are really limited.

retaining walls

retaining walls less than five feet tall are not required to have a permit. however, retaining wall systems less than five feet in cumulative vertical relief and adjacent to a structure located closer than the vertical relief shall be designed under the responsible charge of a registered design professional and shall require a permit and inspection.

creating a retaining wall

the height of the retaining wall is determined by the elevation on each side. by default, the height of the wall matches the terrain on the high side of the break, and the bottom matches the low side. select terrain> elevation data> elevation line and d several elevation lines.

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is more than four 4 feet high, measured from the bottom of the footing to the top of the wall. supports a surcharge. a surcharge is an additional load, beyond the normal weight of a level earth backfill is to holding back.

retaining walls

retaining walls less than five feet tall are not required to have a permit. however, retaining wall systems less than five feet in cumulative vertical relief and adjacent to a structure located closer than the vertical relief shall be designed under the responsible charge of a registered design professional and shall require a permit and inspection.

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tall walls need engineering. walls more than 4 feet tall will likely require a building permit and a plan made by a licensed engineer. the engineer will specify the bases width and depth, how far down the base course should be buried, and whether or not a geogrid soil reinforcement system should be used.

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retaining walls can be up to 1 meter high before requiring engineering and fall safe measures balustrading once retaining walls are over 1 metre high they need to be certified by an engineer, adding to the overall cost. engineers can design a retaining wall as high as required. very rarely do investment projects require retaining walls

retaining walls

freestanding retaining walls must be designed and built so that: the height of any fill retained by the wall does not exceed the values given in he table below, provided, however, that where x see figure above exceeds 0,3 m, the height retained shall be reduced by the difference between x and 0,3 m.

how to determine if you need an engineer for a retaining

to determine if an engineering plan is needed for your retaining wall project, take the time to evaluate the following: how tall is your wall? most municipalities require a building permit and a design from a licensed engineer if your wall is taller than 4 feet high measured from the bottom of the first block to the top of the last block .

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this video discusses the advantages of a redi-rock gravity retaining wall in comparison to walls with geogrid and to reinforced concrete cantilever walls. get youtube without the ads

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except for gravity retaining walls,walls should be shown on the cross -sections as a vertical graphic element one 1 foot thick, measured from the face of the wall, unless directed otherwise by the geotechnical engineering unit.

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a 4-foot-high, 15-foot-long wall could be holding back as much as 20 tons of saturated soil. double the wall height to 8 feet, and you would need a wall that's eight times stronger to do the same job. with forces like these in play, you should limit your retaining wall efforts to walls under 4 feet tall 3 feet for mortarless stone .

do i need an engineer for my retaining wall?

if a retaining wall is a metre in height by six metres long, it might cost between $1500 for an inexpensive treated pine wall to $3300 or $4200 for concrete besser blocks. on a steep property, you may need more than one retaining wall because you don't want any single retaining wall to be too high.

final engineering retaining wall designs versa-lok

for retaining walls taller than 3 to 4 feet, building codes generally require a building permit and structural wall design prepared by a qualified engineer. independent civil engineers p.e. licensed in the state of the project must prepare these final wall designs.

principles of retaining wall design

c tall retaining walls. as the wall height increase it become less feasible to use the simple construction shown in figure 1 b or c . the overturning moment increases sharply with the increase in height of the wall. for very tall walls one modification used is to taper the wall thickness.

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there's a rubble retaining wall about 1200 high that's falling apart at the moment. i'd like to pull it down and pinch a bit more room for the driveway, but then it would have to be even higher so i'd like to just taper the ground up from the top, to bring the wall height down a bit so it doesn't fall apart like the old one.

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the total height of the wall from ground level exceeds 1 metre. this includes tiered retaining walls. if the combined heights of a tiered retaining wall system exceed 1 metre, development approval is required. the retaining wall fill comes within 600mm of an adjoining property and exceeds 200mm in height.

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a very good rule of thumb to start preliminary engineering design of a concrete retaining wall as well as a good estimate of the cost is that the wall height is about the same as the footing width example: if from top of footing to top of wall you have 10ft, then you should expect about 10ft of width of footing .

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if the block is a local 'knock-off' or a copy, it may not work for the details. these ding are also routinely used by the municalities for local crews to build walls up to the 4' oor 5' height without any engineering on municipal projects. ding are always good for getting a permit if required legally or for your protection are very helpful.

design of retaining walls

case 3 - design of retaining wall hretaining > 12 ft : where the backfill is greater than 12 ft in height, such proposed walls shall be designed per a geotechnical investigation and report prepared by a licensed geotechnical engineer and shall include an additional seismic lateral force.

retaining walls: when a building permit is required

wood retaining walls with or without a fence with an exposed wall height of two feet or less, where the retained soil does not support a surcharge i.e. level backfill only . all wood retaining walls shall be constructed entirely of treated wood and conform to folsom city standard ding ls-43.

getting approval for retaining walls

retaining walls can be erected without council approval, as a complying development, if it meets certain criteria: if the maximum height of your retaining wall is less than 1 metre. in other areas, though, the height is limited to 600mm or 800mm. a retaining wall must not redirect water onto an adjoining property.

code requirements for handrails on retaining walls

code requirements for handrails on retaining walls. they didn't mention retaining walls but you could interpret unenclosed floors/roofs as retaining walls. they stipulated that for a 30' drop off or greater you needed a guardrail that was a minimun of 42' tall. that would seem to be a good cya if your are concerned with site retaining walls.

do i need an engineer for my retaining wall?

a structural engineer can provide you with the dings, but it may cost over $1000 or up to $3000 if you need several retaining walls. that plus the cost of a retaining wall or walls can be expensive, so get quotes from structural engineers and ask for a firm quote.