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surveying teak decks. cracks in the timber can be opened out with a small chisel or dremel-type tool, then allowed to dry thoroughly before being filled with an epoxy-based filler. loose caulking should be picked out, the affected area cleaned back to bare wood ideally with a router , and the affected caulking replaced.

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do. wash gently once a week. use a light detergent and soft sponge or very soft brush. tackle tough stains with oxalic acid solution. fit a cover over the whole deck. repair loose caulk and plugs promptly.

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if that doesnt work, try a cleaner with oxalic acid, a single part cleaner. wet down, then sprinkle on the cleaner, spreading evenly over the teak with a bronze wool pad steel wool leaves rust particles . let the cleaner sit for a couple minutes, then scrub with the bronze wool pad. rinse off and allow to dry.

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treat your wood deck when the weather will be dry and the temperatures will be 50 to 90 degrees fahrenheit for at least three days. remove furniture from the deck. sand any rough areas on the deck surface with 80-grit sandpaper and wash debris from the deck with a forceful spray of water from a garden hose.

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how to best clean a teak deck there are plenty of companies and products claiming to work miracles for your dirty teak deck while the truth is that all of these products - once applied

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restoring your weathered teak wood is an easy 3 step process using the justteak teak restoration kits. learn how to clean, brighten, and seal your teak or other wood. this simple teak restoration process can be used on an teak wood including teak furniture and teak decking.

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the second method of treating teak wood is by applying teak sealer. unlike oil, sealer will not damage the natural oil of the wood. unlike oil, sealer will not damage the natural oil of the wood. it is a water-based product that creates a barrier to prevent the natural oil from evaporating and oxidizing on the surface.

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treat them gently so what can be done to maximise the lifespan of a teak deck? the obvious answer is to avoid scrubbing the decks for a boat kept in a sunny environment all thats needed is a regular ideally twice daily wash with salt water.

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1. wet the teak down; 2. apply part one the caustic , spreading and lightly scrubbing with a bristle brush; 3. when the surface is a uniform wet, muddy brown, apply the second part the acid , spreading with a clean bristle brush; 4. apply and spread enough of the acid to turn the teak a uniform tan; 5. rinse thoroughly, and allow to dry completely.

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unfinished teak is naturally a light golden color and finished teak tends to be a darker honey gold. unfinished teak will eventually weather to a silver-gray tone this process is called patina. if youd prefer your teak furniture gold rather than gray, you can oil it or sand it and seal it with teak sealant.

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how to oil teak furniture. teak is one of the most durable woods and does not need any special treatment to maintain its strength. however, if left untreated, teak furniture will fade to a light brown, then a silvery grey appearance .

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once a year we treat the whole deck with boracol using the following process: 1. check the weather. as long as its not going to rain for three to four days, 2. wash the whole deck with a light stream of hose water, soft brush and diluted dish soap. 3. after the deck is clean, wet down the

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how to finish teak. add some turpentine to the first coat so it soaks into the wood, and sand lightly before applying the second coat. after that, keep recoating until the wood will absorb no more oil; no need to sand again unless the oil raises the wood grain. fanatics sand with 400-grit paper between each coat,

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ensure the teak does not dry during the cleaning process. 2. applying the justteak teak cleaner with a soft polypropylene cleaning pad, gently scrub the product across the grain of the teak. the teak will tum dark brown and the cleaning pad will fill with dirt. 4. apply to one area at a time then immediately rinse down entire area with water to remove the cleaner. repeat if necessary. step 2. part 2 using justteak teak brightener on your teak deck

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teak deck treatments. it is natural for teak to turn a silvery grey colour and for many this is the traditional way to leave teak decks. however some people prefer to keep they teak looking like new and a freshly sanded colour. there are a number of options for teak deck maintenance:-traditional teak oils :- we dont like using oil on a deck deck.

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how to treat teak wood spray the teak with an oil soap wood cleaner and wipe it down with a clean rag. allow the teak to dry overnight. sand the surface of the teak lightly and evenly, using either a hand sanding block, wipe the teak down with a tack cloth. apply a coat of teak oil to the

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pre-treat pieces with a teak protector. first, treat your pieces with a teak protector. do a general clean teak, use either a manufacturer's suggested product or try a 2/1 ratio of a laundry detergent with bleach and water, applied with a soft bristle brush. rinse thoroughly.

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cleaning. if the teak is still dark or stained when it dries, a cleaner with oxalic acid is required. this is the active ingredient in most single-part teak cleaners. wet the teak and sprinkle on the cleaner. spread it evenly with a scotchbrite or bronze wool pad, then give it a few minutes to work.

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a teak sealer, in my opinion, is the best choice for a simple once-a-year outdoor wood treatment. and out of all the teak sealers available in the market, i feel semco gives superior results. not only is it popular with homeowners, but a number of large outdoor furniture companies use it to treat their products before shipping them out to customers.

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a teak deck can last for 100 years but not if treated this way. especially decks fastened from underneath the best technique since the ends of the screws will eventually start to arrive at the lowering surface and provide thousands of leak holes. never sand a teak deck unless you are keeping your boat in a museum .

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there is absolutely no reason to keep a laminated teak deck 'wet' with seawater, and the chemical composition of seawater accelerates the erosion of the teak surface .. assuming a reasonable quality deck and proper maintenance, this does not have to be the case at all.

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treating and protecting teak after your teak is clean and dry, it's time to apply something to the wood to give it a nice appearance that hopefully will last. teak oils penetrate into the wood and replenish the oil supply while teak sealers coat the wood and provide a barrier to the outside environment.

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the 'teak oil' products used for this purpose are not actually made from the teak tree, and composition can vary between them. of the common ingredients, tung oil may be more effective than linseed oil. teak oil sometimes comes with an artificial color or an additional sealant product mixed in, so read the label carefully before selecting.

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the aglaze teak sealant is a new addition to the range. available in 500ml it is simply brushed onto the teak once it has been cleaned and renovated with the teak care kit. teak decking after being treated with the teak sealer will last up to 6 months before discolouration will commence.

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the deck might look worse before it looks better. if your deck had signs of algae and mold, after around ten days the deck should start to look better. some boat owners treat their deck at the beginning and end of each boating season whereas others do it once a year or as required. teak deck maintenance using boracol video

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learn the basics of oiling teak as well as how to clean teak-wood furniture by following our guide. oiling teak furniture. teak is typically available either finely sanded and unfinished or treated with teak oil. unfinished teak is naturally a light golden color and finished teak tends to be a darker honey gold.