can you put interlocking deck on gravel

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dig piers, or use deck blocks, and put down a few inches of gravel. ensure the deck has a very slight incline for drainage. when you frame the deck use 2x6s and ensure that the framing of your deck is at least 3 inches over the gravel. that will give you 4-6 inches between the deck and dirt.

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they want to spend about $500-$800 to cover the gravel with interlocking composite tiles or a connecting plastic mat vs the labor of installing pavers which they vow they will remove next year maybe it is a pass, but i'll see what they come up in a few days or if they reconsider..they problem is that they agreed to the cost of two other jobs, so i'do hate to lose the client.

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we do not recommend installing ezytile deck tiles on bare ground, sand or gravel. if the surface is particularly rough or cracked, its advisable to level the surface with a suitable exterior patching compound or filler.

can you put composite interlocking tiles on dirt

can you apply composite tiles directly on grass - wpc deck board home >> project case >> can you apply composite tiles directly on grass , you can arrange our interlocking deck tiles in various patterns. , hard surface, both the base of my above ground pool so the kids wouldn't track dirt and grass into it.

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many natural stone tiles are mounted on plastic interlocking bases and can be laid without glue or grout on a surface thats flat and clean. suitable for use on a patio or deckor in a courtyard, mudroom, shed, or gazebostone deck tiles are often an inexpensive alternative to stone pavers and diyers can save on the cost of installation, as well .

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if you use your home or the molded edging with spikes, the restraint can be put into place before the pavers. however, if you use concrete restraints, place them after most of the pavers are laid but before you put the edge piece in place. concrete restraints are usually tacked with wet-set concrete.

how to kill weeds in between brick pavers, gravel and slabs

if you want an easy, quick and safe way to kill weeds in between your brick pavers, gravel and slabs, then all you need is a bag of rock salt.

can you put deck tiles on sand

how to resurface your walkway with interlocking deck tiles you just need a firm, even base such as concrete, bricks, pavers or asphalt. whilst it's certainly possible to lay the tiles over gravel, crushed stones etc. its best to

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learn how to install interlocking deck tiles on stairs or steps using interlocking deck tiles on steps and stairs, with a slight overhang over the ..>> how to install tile over a yard ehow

can i put interlocking deck tiles on ground

handydeck interlocking deck tiles are specifically designed for quick and tiles can be laid over most hard surfaces concrete, asphalt, gravel, hard dirt , it is online service interlocking granite and slate patio tiles - handydeck

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envirotile recycled rubber floor tile. they wont break or crack; and the nice thing is you can put these on your balcony, you can put them on your patio, you can put them on your deck. so these can go anywhere and you can have it up in no time and really transform the look of your outdoor living space.

flagstone rubber pavers - durable outdoor floor surface

recommended uses flagstone rubber pavers have been used successfully as an outdoor patio floor covering, deck flooring, around pools, as a walkway path, in horse stalls, as an outdoor play area and any other outdoor area where a tough, shock resistant floor is desired.

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visual appeal. in addition to its many functional benefits, gravel layered beneath a deck also adds a certain visual appeal. it covers up ugly plastic or landscape fabric and hides dirt, mud and water from sight for a clean, finished look. you can even choose gravel in different sizes, colors and profiles to add aesthetic appeal to your landscape.

why do you need gravel beneath a shed?

just to summarise, it is not mission critical if you dont put that layer of stone beneath your shed but you may experience problems with the above if you dont. it depends a bit on the type of shed that you have in mind. finally, i cant really help you much with the bugs and spiders.

limestone screening or gravel as a base material to make a

limestone screening or gravel as a base material to make a side walk with 2'x2' concrete pavers. i decided to dig around 1' install 2' high plastic edging and then throw in the material, tamper it and put tiles on top. when i went to order gravel the guy told me i should buy limestone screening rather than gravel.

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construction gravel, derived from crushed limestone, is used to create a solid foundation for pavers, whether you're making a patio, driveway or walkway in your yard. larger rocks are mined in a quarry and then crushed into smaller pieces. the finished product -- construction gravel -- is classified by size and coarseness.