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the internal wall linings are installed at the plastering stage using conventional installation methods. partiwall permits easy incorporation of services and does not require penetration and perimeter treatment associated with traditional fire-rated systems. the partiwall separating wall system is suitable for attached dwellings class 1a.

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construction of fire and acoustically rated wall technical specification for these walls. refer to section 3.4 for fibre cement deemed-to-satisfy solutions. note the order of the linings is interchangeable. figure 1 basic details of the james hardie discontinuous wall system 1.4 building code of australia


fyrcheks glass fibre-reinforced core enables it to maintain structural integrity when subjected to direct flame making it an ideal board for use as part of a fire rated wall or ceiling system. this plasterboard is also an acoustic grade board and can be used in systems where acoustic separation is specified.

hardiesmart zerolot wall system - bayside plasterboard

hardiesmart zerolot wall system is an alternative to conventional brick walls. by removing excess material and trades, hardiesmart zerolot wall system simplifies construction and gives you a complete solution with all james hardie components covered by the one product warranty.** system information

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hardiesmart boundary wall system is a high performance, lightweight wall system that is up to 45% more compact than a standard brick veneer boundary wall. plus, it is up to 30% faster to install than alternative fire-rated plasterboard boundary solutions. space maximiser.

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warnock hersey fire-resistance rated wall assemblies warnock hersey product listings standards products are certified against astm, iso, en, can/cgsb, can/ulc 1-hour fire resistive rated wall assemblies click the link above, each design number below represents a james hardie 1 hour fire resistive wall assembly jh/fcs 60-01

boundary wall fire resistance rating requirements in c/as1

boundary wall fire resistance rating requirements in c/as1 when residential buildings have a wall less than 1 m or sometimes 5 m from the boundary, there are requirements for the boundary walls to have specific fire resistance ratings frr and exterior surface finishes. external fire spread is an important consideration for single household

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the systems are also fire resistant frl 60/60/60 and offer the added benefit of design freedom achieved with double load bearing walls when supporting non-fire rated structures only . the design allows services including water and electricity to be run within the wall frame, without affecting the systems performance.

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barwon timber and james hardie are proud to announce the brand new hardie smart wall system with the james hardie firewall insulation as its core product. with james hardie having 125 years experience in the field they are always looking for new ways to make the building industry a better, safer and easier place to be.

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technical documents. get our helpful tips and browse articles, government reports, and material safety data sheets. hardieshingle notched panels, hardieshingle individual shingles, hardie reveal panel system, 7/16' hardietrim boards. sds for exterior fiber-cement medium density fire resistance rated wall assemblies 1-hour

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home > hardiesmart fire and acoustic wall - boundary wall system . hardiesmart fire and acoustic wall - boundary wall system . product details. technical resources. features and benefits. fire resistant. acoustic. thermal. find a builder james hardie international. north america. new zealand. europe. asia.

gib fire rated systems

gib fire rated systems - summary table fire rated wall systems two way frr timber frame specification reference load bearing capability frr stc lining requirements each side of frame weight of system kg/m2 page gbt 15 nlb -/15/15 36 1 layer 10mm gib standard 22 10 gbtl 15 lb 15/15/15 36 1 layer 10mm gib standard 22 10

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james hardie fire and acoustic rated walls. the james hardie fire and acoustic rated walls have been developed to assist you in selecting a suitable james hardie product and to choose a system which will meet your performance requirements. we also have details of the systems available to assist in the material selection.

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please refer to james hardie fire and acoustically rated walls application guide for more information. hardiesmart zerolot wall system - designed for multi-occupancy projects, specifically, class 1 and 10 buildings where a dual boundary wall solution is required between tenancies. external walls are built at the zero lot boundary line.

outrwall fire-rated external wall system

lightweight fire rated external wall system. the outrwall fire-rated exterior wall system is a light-weight alternative to masonry construction in buildings that are built close to the boundary. available in 1 hour or 1.5 hour fire-rating configurations, outrwall can be pre-fabricated and installed from one side if access to adjacent

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nfpa-251, fire tests of building construction and materials. ubc-7-1-94, uniform building code standard. ul-263, fire tests of building construction and materials. designs listed are minimum construction requirements to achieve fire rating. unless otherwise noted, fire ratings apply to tests conducted on both sides.

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ritek xl thermal wall incorporates built-in insulation allowing for a high thermal rating of up to r-value 4.8. no need for additional insulation, batten and lining while achieving bca thermal, fire and sound transfer specifications.

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fire rated ceiling systems 71 74 universal ceiling systems 71 74 fire rated risers, shafts and ducts 76 85 gib fyreduct 900 76 77 gib fyreduct 600 78 79 gib ventshaft 80 81 gib shaftwall 82 83 gib panel shaft 84 chase walls 85 fire rated systems 86 87 fire rated protection of columns and beams timber strapping 86

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a new innovation from james hardie wall and floor the hardiesmart intertenancy wall system is a fire rated solution that takes less time to install, and does not compromise on safety standards

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fire rated external walls. external walls, particularly in steel portal frame construction, on or near boundaries often require to be fire rated. depending on the class of building and type of construction fyreguard can offer both deemed to satisfy dts and alternative solution to fire rate these walls.

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usg boral offers a range of fire-rated plasterboard walling systems. the partiwall separating wall system for attached units and townhouses includes a modular shaftliner membrane within the wall cavity, permitting easy inclusion of services and providing a fire resistance level frl of 60/60/60 single membrane and 90/90/90 double membrane .

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one-hour fire-rated construction chase walls, steel framed acoustical performance usg durock brand cement board systems 4. floor/ceilings two-hour fire-rated construction dimensional lumber, wood framed acoustical performance construction detail description test number stc itc test number 131

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the range of james hardie claddings 6mm or thicker are suitable for use in fire rated wall systems, with a range of interior linings suitable for sound-insulated walls that are suitable for use in apartments, hotels, motels and similar accommodation.

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fire and acoustically rated walls technical specificationaustralia july 2015. contents 2 1 introduction1 introduction 2 1.1 application1.1 application 3 this manual provides the technical specification and construction details1.2 overview of typical james hardie separating for james hardie fire and acoustically rated walls, framed from timber or 3 steel, for use in residential and commercial

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fire and acoustic flooring systems. secura interior flooring fire and acoustic flooring systems are a mid-floor solution, engineered to address the complete range of fire and acoustic performance needs in a multi-storey, inter-tenancy floor dwelling.. the system delivers high value acoustic performance in multilevel residential building above code requirements in both sound transmission class