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a cheap and easy way to build a outdoor bench using cinder blocks and wood. for a full list of materials used and some important tips, click the link below:

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starting materials to make a cinder block bench. cinder blocks; standard wooden garden posts square: 7cm x 7cm exterior facade paint. we recommend a light color for the exterior of the blocks, a darker color for the interior, but in fact, it's the way you want it.

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'we do a lot of seatwalls in our modern projects,' says california landscape architect, joseph heuttl. 'our preferences is a block core with an ultra smooth stucco that looks like poured concrete when its well done. we use a special adhesive before application. our crew has gotten really good at this - it looks like hard-toweled concrete.

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how to make a cinder block bench. start by building your bench posts, or legs. each cinder block post is going to use 3 concrete blocks 1 horizontal cement block laid directly on top of 2 vertical ones. space each post to your liking, or to fit your cushions. my posts were just under 2 feet apart from each other.

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concrete patios make an excellent addition to a house, but they can be further improved with seating walls. seating walls make the patio space even more welcoming and allows more people to relax during periods of warm weather. theyre easy to build and in just a few days, you can have some

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tip: add wooden blocks with 3 inch screws in them to grip into the concrete and keep the weight down. step 4 let the concrete cure for 3 days, and then, remove the molds with a prybar. step 5 dig a square about 8 to 10 inches deep where you want each concrete base to the bench to go. step 6

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how to's and quick tips; 13 projects that prove why diyers love cinder blocks cinder blocks may used as the material for load-bearing walls or in the foundation of a house, but their sturdy, heavy

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cinder blocks are actually cmus an acronym for concrete masonry unit i.e. large, rectangular bricks which are used in construction, but have a lot of other uses. well explore 15 smart ideas for using cinder blocks for your homestead. why cinder blocks you may be wondering? well, because they

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i teach how to pour footer and build a strong block wall part one . part two will show how mortar mix for stone veneer, how to cut and adhere stone veneer.

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a concrete block is referred to as a concrete masonry unit, or cmu, in the construction industry. concrete blocks can be solid or hollow, with two or three cores or voids.

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this video shows the steps required to complete this stucco project over a concrete foundation. these steps will apply to most brick or cinder block structures as well. how to stucco over cinder blocks, brick, or concrete

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and now, people are building innovative and inexpensive outdoor furniture benches, shelves, tables, and more out of another unexpected material from your home improvement store: cinder blocks. originally intended for construction, the hollowed-out concrete blocks have all sorts of other uses, as these clever creations prove.

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brush all dirt and debris off of your surface with a sturdy brush or broom. you can also use a power washer as long as the exterior treatment of your home can handle that without damage. patch any cracks, if necessary. if you're applying stucco to brick, cement block or existing stucco walls, you must keep the walls damp with a mister.

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we have distinctive landscape rock from over 40 quarries to define any new home or re-invent an existing home. our products include prefab bbq islands and outdoor fireplaces, new brick, used brick, barbeques, stone, travertine, slate, firewood, concrete blocks, and much more.

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for all of you concerned about sitting on the bench. one of the builders foremen delivered three more cinder blocks to my house. i painted them glued them and then a neighbor placed them on the end and moved the other support to the center of the bench. it's now a two seater bench.

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diy concrete concrete block retaining wall diy retaining wall concrete garden retaining wall landscaping landscaping design concrete blocks concrete stairs diy landscaping ideas cinder blocks are a cheap material for the garden and with some imagination, you can use them to create garden planters, a fire pit, benches or even steps.

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concrete, cement, and cinder block are all pretty mundane building materials. but with some creativity and elbow grease, you can put them to work transforming your outdoor space into a stylish living area we've found some awesome projects for you to try: a cinder block bench, coffee table, planters

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q. my house has a cement block foundation, and id like to dress up the painted block with a stucco-like product. any advice on what to use? a. a basic way to mix the plaster or stucco is to start with an 80-pound bag of cement, water and 70 pounds of masonry sand. first, use a screen to sift

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warmer weather means lots of outdoor fun for the whole family. this custom cinder block patio bench provides extra seating whether you are hosting family gatherings or just sitting around the fire. the great thing about using cinder blocks for this project is that you can make the bench as long or as short as youd like.

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25 cinder block projects for the homestead this post may contain affiliate links, including links to these sites means i may earn a small percentage of the purchase at no extra cost to you.

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cinder block planter bar. via design sponge. outdoor bench. for the outside enjoyment the cinder block benches are perfect for sitting purposes. via lena sekine. via be happy be me. cinder block platform bed. you can build a cool platform bed using cinder blocks as the base. via designtripper. cinder block raised garden bed

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your backyards new best friend may be the humble, lowly cinder block. what it lacks in pizzazz it makes up for in versatility, durability and affordability. each one costs a little more than a buck and, with some imagination, can be used in countless ways to add function and flair to your outdoor

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a smartly creative cinder block decorating ideas to add a catchy accent to your patio. the blocks are used as the fence post while the wood acts as the panel. this one is indeed not a privacy or security fence but totally worth to decorate your patio. cinder block minimalist bench