how to take down rotting pergola

how to remove an old rotting porch from my house ehow

video of the day. place an extension ladder next to the porch and make sure it is stable, if the porch has a roof. use the ladder to access the roof. use a spade shovel to begin tearing off the shingles. begin at the top of the porch roof, and jab the spade under the shingles to remove them.

front porch pergola for our farmhouse

jason faced the pergola with 1 by 8 pvc boards and some pvc trim to make it look nice. he also added crown and trim with pvc boards to give our pergola a more beefy and finished look. as a final finishing touch we add 2 finals left over from our previous arbor. lastly, we primed and painted the posts.

a trellis or a pergola? get to know garden structures

when choosing plants for your trellis, arbor, arch, or pergola, avoid those that will either outgrow their space, weigh down the structure, or make maintenance a nightmare. also consider the attachment method for each plant. avoid vines like virginia creeper or ivy that attach directly to surfaces and can lead to rot.

how to remove an old rotting porch from my house ehow

if you have an old rotting porch that you wish to remove from your house, you can accomplish the task by following a logical sequence of steps. this can be a big project, and, depending on the porch size, it may take several days.

3 ways to protect a wooden post from rotting in the ground

then use the shovel tip to pack the gravel down so theres no extra space between the rocks. placing a thick layer of loose gravel at the bottom of the post hole will allow groundwater to trickle through the rocks and down away from the base of the post. this will prevent the post from rotting by keeping it constantly dry.

how to maintain and care for your pergola

fasteners used on the pergola could also cause staining. if the pergola has corrosive fasteners they could leave black or dark brown spots on the wood. to remove mildew, mix a cup of oxygen bleach with a gallon on water and apply it after washing your pergola thoroughly. once you see the stains lighten, wash it again with soapy water followed by rinsing.

how to replace a rotting post hgtv

how to save rotting wood. use wood filler to correct the problem before the damage becomes severe. how to replace moldy grout. step-by-step instructions for laying in a new coat without disturbing the tile. how to replace blown-in insulation. if leaks are showing up on your ceiling, it's time to fill the insulation gaps.

how to maintain or restore a pergola

first use a bristle brush to knock out all the dry dirt and cracked paint from the pergola. since most pergolas are made of wood make sure not to scrub too much since that may damage the natural texture of the wood. make sure that the wood is smoothed down by removing loose splinters. use a very light sander to even out the wood.

timber rot

wet rot. make sure that any soil and other debris is cleared away from around the bottom of timber frames. check the roof space for the ingress of water, you may not see daylight through a hole in the roof, the water could be running down the underfelt behind the tiles onto timber some distance away from the hole.

laytonsville pergola take down and disposal tips

heres an overview of how to do a pergola take down: uninstall the electrical lines and lighting. if the pergola is equipped with lighting and/or electrical outlets, now is the time to shut of the breaker and then remove the electrical system. leave this to an experienced, licensed electrician, if necessary. remove the top beams from the structure.

how to build a shade pergola or arbor hunker

cut and rain-shed all the shade slats. take your table saw and set it to rip the 2x4's in half. once all the slats are ripped, rain-shed or dog-ear the slats. set your table saw up with a 45 degree angle and take a small amount off two corners of the top edge. this rain-sheds water and protects them from rot.

landscaping with a pergola better homes and gardens

prevent the base of the pergola from rotting, by placing beams and posts into concrete footers. a variety of vertical and horizontal crosspieces dresses up the structure's sides. several entrance paths into the structure enable it to serve as a gateway to separate parts of the garden.

how to remove a tree stump painlessly the family handyman

using a 1-in. spade bit with a spade bit extension, drill 1-in. holes around the perimeter of the stump about 12 in. deep and 3 to 4 in. back from the edge. drill more holes 3 to 4 in. down from the rim at a 45-degree angle to connect with the other holes. theyll provide vent holes for burning or help the rotting process.

selecting the right wood for your outdoor pergola kebony

when building a pergola with this type of wood, most choose stain it to the color of their choosing for the best looking outcome. while having the ability to choose the color of stain is nice, it also means a more expensive project with additional maintenance costs down the road when it comes time to re-stain and seal the wood.

i have a quote to remove an old pergola and install a new

in your case, since new one or materials if stick-building will presumably be ordered and delivered before the old one is taken out, so a small earnest deposit and then maybe the actual invoice cost of the pergola / materials when delivered to your site, then rest when done would probably be fair.

how can i wind proof the gazebo from flying with wind ?do

first off moha, nails ain't gonna make it, even if it is a heavier constructed gazebo. you need to anchor it down much better and then eliminate the updrafts from getting inside and tearing up the canopy. since you say it is attached to the ground, i'll assume it's on soil.

laytonsville pergola take down and disposal tips

laytonsville pergola take down and disposal tips. before you start with a pergola take down, be sure that the area will totally be clear of children and pets. this is no time for kids and pets to be roaming around the area. its also an opportunity to start removing the vines, if applicable, with herbicide and by mechanical methods like a saw .