can bench pressing stunt growth

does bench press stunt a 15-16 year olds growth

does bench press stunt a 15-16 year olds growth? results 1 to 18 of 18 thread: does barbell over your knees and have been rushed to the hospital because of a knee fracture there's no known to man way you can stunt your growth, you get what you get, genetically determined before your birth.

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"because its superman" of course he can bench press the earth, of course he can withstand a star, because he is superman. because we are given additional information later that informs growth

does bench pressing and chess pressing stunt your growth

does caffeine stunt your growth?; 14 years old i just recently going gym and i was wondering does weight training effect growth can weight lifting stunt my growth? how much should i be lifting im 13 4'10 93 pounds? will it stunt my growth at all? do weights stunt a 13 year old boy's growth? can anxiety/ panic attacks stunt your growth?

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for example, i can easily bench press 100lbs for ten reps. but their is no way on earth i'll ever come close to bench 1000lbs (which is the weight added together by the amount of sets).

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does weight lifting stunt your growth . by guest 241 posts, last post 4 months ago. sasa milosevic, close-grip bench press 185lbs for reps, and i can low row 180lbs for reps.. basically i do everything heavy and i think i'm not going to grow anymore. it's a good reason to compete with your friends but the reason why i started was to play

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yeah thats pretty good for your weight i guess. im 21, 6'3" and a bit above 200 lbs. not sure how much i can bench though, i go with reps more than weight, and usually do dumbbell excercises.

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does bench pressing really stunt your growth? i want a real answer my mom keeps telling me it does (im like no way! but she keeps telling me that it does thinking she's right) and my health doctor even said bench pressing can stunt my growth and told me i should get taller first then do muscle training when i turn 18

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if done correctly, the bench press will not stunt your growth. however, performing the exercise using poor form or too much weight can result in injury that can limit vertical growth.