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basically you want some pretty things aka thriller , some flowers that will fill in the box and give height aka filler and a few that drape over the edge of your container aka spiller . before you start choosing plants pay attention to the type of light your container garden will be getting.

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to keep planters dry and rot-free, and to provide a way to change the plants in your planter instantly, use the pot-with-a-pot method. plant your flowers or vegetables in smaller pots and set the pots in the planter box. be sure the pots have drainage holes and saucers. sphagnum moss around the pots will hide the containers.

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i looked at them and thought, i can build that as a solution to me wanting 1- a border for my deck and 2- flower boxe to plant more bushes and flowers.. this morning i googled building a 5 foot flower box and ypu beautiful flower box with description of how to build as well as a list of supplies showed up.

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if you want to keep your plants in the store containers you can simply place them in the flower box but if not, then read on. first, line the flower box with plastic planter liners that you have cut and trimmed. next, line the bottom of the planter with gravel to support drainage then fill the planter halfway with potting soil. now, transplant your plant from the store container to the flower box. next, cover the roots with about an inch of potting soil.

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choosing an insert that is right for your needs depends on various factors, as any gardener knows. general climate, sun exposure and drainage requirements all factor into the decision. after all, the right flower box liners will create a successful growing environment for bountiful arrangements of flowers and green plants.

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answers. this will slow down rotting of the wood. drill drain holes in the bottom of the window boxes. clean out the potting soil each fall and refill in the spring. make sure the drain holes remain unobstructed. a thin layer of pea gravel in the bottom of your flower box will aid in keeping your drain holes clear.

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step 2: plant the box. arrange plants, still in their pots, on top of the soil to approximate their positions. gently tip them out of their containers. start planting in the center of the box and work toward the sides, adding more soil around the roots as you go. the final soil level should be about an inch below the top of the box.

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how to make: flower boxes - the shabby creek cottage flower boxes we could make for neighbor fenceline attach lattice inside for trailing plants how to make easy diy flower boxes in under half an hour build amazing sheds with over different projects img 5739.cr2 see more

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two line your box with plastic. cut the bag down each side, open it up, and youll have a long sheet of plastic just right for most window boxes. lay it in your window box. keep in mind that it serves two purposes. one to protect the box and give it a longer life. two to make it easier to change out the soil from year to year.

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overflowing with bright flowers and greenery, window boxes are one of the easiest ways to add color to a home's facade. southern living's floral design expert buffy hargett miller shows how to make a full and lush window box in under a minute.

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how to line a planter. secure the liner to the inside of the planter using staples and a staple gun for wooden liners or waterproof glue for metal and plastic planters. attach clothespins over the top rim of the planter to hold glued liners in place for at least one hour until the glue dries completely. remove the clothespins, if applicable,

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apply the sealant using a paintbrush dipped in the sealant, using slow, graduated strokes and evenly covering all surfaces of the wood planter box. wait for 24 to 48 hours until the first coat of

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video of the day. sand the varnished surface lightly with fine-grit sandpaper, such as 220-grit. apply one or two more coats of varnish, allowing it to cure for a day between applications. line the inside of the wooden planter box with thick plastic. thick, 6 mil polyethylene sheeting, commonly used for greenhouses,

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step 4 lining the wooden planter. your lining can be something as simplistic as a black trash bag. these bags are an easy and cheap alternative to ground liners. if the bag is too big or has a lot of extra length for your wooden planter, you can cut away the extra length with your scissors. place the bag in the planter to check how much of the bag you need to eliminate.

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place a roll of heavy black plastic sheeting on a flat surface next to the flower box. pull the loose end of plastic over to the box. staple the plastic onto the top of a long side with a staple gun. smooth the plastic down the inside of the box and staple it to the bottom.