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6 creative ways to add shade outdoors this old house

6 creative ways to add shade outdoors carving out shady spaces. install a fabric canopy. drape a tarp for cover. invest in an outdoor umbrella. increase the shade with a pergola. deck out a freestanding structure. add wisteria to a pergola.

5 diy ways to add shade to your deck or patio

5 diy ways to add shade to your deck or patio dress up a shade sail. hang curtains. plant a vertical garden. make a privacy screen. build a pergola.

remodelaholic shady places; pergola update; anything pretty

shady places; pergola update; anything pretty. will it last 20 but it was cheap and easily replaceable. well worth it for some shade and ambience in my opinion. and even if you do not have a pergola in your backyard, drop cloths could still be used on other structures or even between a couple of poles.

10 smart ways to bring shade to your outdoor space lawn

outdoor areas don't have to be all about soaking in the sun. sometimes it's nice to relax in a shady spot, shielded from the harsh rays. there are many ways to bring shade to an outdoor space. you can build a new freestanding structure or enhance an existing patio or pergola through the addition of a shade screen. many

21 ways to add shade to your outdoor living areas

vines can be planted to enhance the shade offered by pergolas, arbors, fences and walls and can even be grown between a fence and a pergola or other structure to provide a living marquee. this can be accomplished by training the vines along a trellis, arbor or twine strung between the two structures.

pergola shade: pratical solutions for every outdoor space

here is a list of the leading contenders for climbing foliage to create pergola shade: clematis, honeysuckle, grape, climbing rose, trumpet vine, black eyed susan vine, and morning glory. read this pergola plant guide for more information on the pros and cons of live foliage and which plants work best for your pergola.

pergola and patio cover ideas

types of shade structure. pergolas are a freestanding structure usually placed within the landscape. they can cover a pathway and define the walking space, or can cover a patio or entertaining space outdoors. a pergola usually has open sides, and either a slatted or solid roof. patio covers are similar to pergolas,

diy pergola tutorial: how to build your own backyard shade

it gets a wonderful breeze most of the summer that keeps the bugs down and helps us stay cool. at some point we decided we wanted to add a little bit of shade to our deck. an actual screen room was a little too ambitious and costly , so we decided on a pergola. a pergola offers a little bit of shade, but keeps that open feeling of being outside.

how to build a diy retractable pergola canopy

pergolas are fantastic additions to a yard or patio, but they lack shade. traditionally, the solution has been to intertwine trailing plants or vines such as grapevines, jasmine , or wisteria . but plants take time to train upward, plus many homeowners don't like shedding leaves and debris.

inexpensive ways to cover your pergola

if you want to add a natural cover without the hassle of maintaining living plants, you can press the button for a roof that is made of bamboo, st, or even branches. this will give you shade and cover all year round. all you need is to tie the bamboo, branches, or st to the pergola slats with strong twine or string.

add more shade to your outdoor living room

according to booth, the most popular idea for providing that shade is often adding an open-lattice pergola with overhead slats that throw shade but don't greatly restrict natural light inside a home. the latin word 'pergola' traditionally referred to an outdoor structure of columns supporting a roof of rafters and beams.

37 pergola ideas to customize your yard for 2019: own the yard

sail shade and galvanized steel pergola this galvanized steel pergola with sail shades is the ultimate in beauty and durability. the sail shades create shade and protection from rain while the design leaves plenty of room for light to get through.