where is decking height measured from

block deck height - crankshaft

the block deck height is not to be confused with piston deck height, which is the measurement from the piston crown to the block deck where the heads bolt on, with the piston at top dead center. this dimension could measure zero or it could be as much as 0.045" "down the hole" if "rebuilder" pistons were used.

piston deck height measuring and its importance in head

piston deck height is a very important measurement to consider when designing a combustion chamber. piston deck height is a major player in determining the squish clearance of an engine. while it is beyond the scope of this article to discuss squish band design (maybe later), let's just say the squish action within a combustion chamber is very

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checking and setting deck height - big boyz head porting

how to check deck height we took a few pictures of how to check the deck height. measuring the deck height helps in calculating your compression ratio. it can also adjust the quench. this engine is being disassembled and the cases, cylinders and heads are being powder coated.

what is deck height? how to calculate and what it means

deck height is a vital engine measurement that dictates rod length, crankshaft stroke, piston-to-head clearance, and so much more. here, we define deck height, how to measure it, and its impact on your next engine build. it’s all part of the art of building a performance or competition engine. the details separate the exceptional from the