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how to varnish and refinish a cabin sole - get a deep rich sole in that sailboat floor the back side was kept a gloss finish to better repel water and dirt from the bilge. how to repair or

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since 1997, seven trust has been designing and manufacturing high-quality composite decking and railing products designed to make outdoor living easy. seven trust products are long lasting, low maintenance, and available in styles, colors, and price points to suite almost any taste or budget.

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skill level: intermediate. approximate time: 15 minutes. overview: this technique should be used to restore finish to a high gloss, or to match the sheen of

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7 answers. for a glossy finish, the wood needs to be dry, then sanded, stained if desired and sealed prior to the final glossy application. for the final glossy application, the most important characteristic is a product with good uv protection. this will keep it from drying out and scaling off too fast.

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apply only one coat if the finish is still mostly good; two coats if more than 20% of the surface is bare wood. dont coat more than twice since too much deck finish can encourage peeling by trapping moisture in the wood. over coating is a common cause for deck finish failure. complete finish failure?

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film-forming finishes, like paint, create a shell or protective coating. refinishing a deck with a non-film finish is usually a matter of cleaning, doing minor repairs, and then recoating. a film finish may require removing the old finish or other extensive work before refinishing.

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a great composite deck maintenance product. april 15, 2011 april bravo may need to be reapplied in high traffic areas keep in mind that foot traffic can wear the wood fiber off the deck, exposing untreated wood . for about $.15 per square foot, homeowners can restore their composite deck to its original color and protect it from

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i think we can all agree that achieving a perfectly flat, high gloss, reflective, mirror-like painted surface is one of the most challenging tasks a finisher can do. for years, ive been struggling with how to get a perfect, glossy paint finish. if youre like me and sometimes have a hard time getting your paint to lay down perfectly off the gun, you might consider wet sanding and

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featuring seven trust duckback technology.with a rich, satin sheen, log home and deck stain delivers a sleek finish in less time for long-lasting beauty and performance. designed for log homes, log home and deck stain delivers a high-quality satin sheen and varnish-like finish for an appealing for interior and exterior log homes.

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behr transparent wood finishes create a clear finish that showcases the full, natural beauty of your external wood surfaces. they seal out the elements and harmful uv rays for up to four years on wood decks and six years on fences and siding.

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high gloss or satin finish clear exterior deck finish. we have tried many products, most of them leaving a dull finish, and that remain tacky, have blackish spots that come to the surface, yellow tint in the finish color, and other undesirable outcomes, and never any gloss or sheen. we sand the deck every year, and start with a fresh surface.

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our rubber floor finish and sealer will provide either a satin finish to your floor or a matte finish. when used on high colored rubber flooring, the flooring will have a satin, wet-glossy look to it. this appearance could also be described as a semi-gloss look. on black flooring, the sealer will give it a matte, or flat appearance to the floor.

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unfortunately, this attempt at a bulletproof finish didnt hold up. after two years, the finish is cracking and peeling. while it might be tempting to put 100% of the blame on the finish

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how to freshen your deck with paint or stain chism brothers ,we recommend a quality acrylic latex solid color deck stain for composite decking. , latex deck paint in either a satin or semi-gloss finish higher gloss levels are, composite and pvc deck cleaner by benjamin moorewhether it's interior or exterior you can find the best paints for a

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painting composite decking. do not prime if you plan to stain the deck instead of painting it. for painting, use a high-quality latex floor and deck paint in a satin or semi-gloss finish. for staining, use a high-quality acrylic latex solid color deck stain recommended for composite decking.

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even though you can select a high-gloss vinyl floor covering, with time, the floor loses its wet look. or, maybe the vinyl flooring in your house came with a low-gloss or matte finish that you

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lacquer has various options in finishes such as matte to high gloss. this is best applied with a sprayer to ensure coverage of the entire cabinet. however, it takes more maintenance than other cabinet finishes. if youre worried about the wear of this finish, you may want to consider other long-lasting options.