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in regards to fence laws, this basically means that as long as a fence you build is mostly compliant with the local laws of your area, you can argue yourself some wiggle room if it’s not exactly the correct height. but why is there a limit on how high fences can be anyway? well, broadly speaking this is mostly for the benefit of other people

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note: the number should be divisble by 3 so that all can be used; all 4 files for each fence type must have the same "unitsallowed" number otherwise only the lowest number out of each of the four files will determine how fences you can build hope this helps :) p.s. i use the number 9999 in each file and have never run out of fences

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fence heights vary depending on the purpose of the fence - this tall fence, between 7 and 8 feet, provides privacy. falling waters in san diego, ca. fence ding there is no set standard for residential fence height. however, each city has its own fence height regulations that you must adhere to

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if you want to build, maintain or improve a gate, fence or wall around your house, you should first check to see if you need to apply for planning permission. permitted development. you may not have to apply for planning permission if your gate, fence or wall meets the 'permitted development' rules.

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2 missile turrets and 2 heavy machine gun turrets alternated take one medium power plant (be sure to wall that off so it can't be targeted) and make your settlement invulnerable. the moment anything appears on the outskirts of one of my settlements it's hit by a volley of 10-12 missiles launched from every rooftop, and is finished off by

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one of the first things you can do is rename each fence. in my case, i want to name one fence "productivity" and the other "utilities." how the kentucky bourbon industry is going high tech

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my neighbor's fence is hideous. can i do anything about it? the fence on the line between my land and my neighbor's is in bad shape. can i fix it? what is a boundary fence? who is responsible for repairing and maintaining a boundary fence? where can i find more information about fences? how high can i build a fence on my property?

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if you don't have a super fast high end pc, then you can sometimes have farm animals escape their pens because of the way chunks load. mobs load first before chunks and that gives a second or two of time for mobs to move around while there are no blocks loaded, this is how they can escape sometimes.