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for the last three years our cloth gazebo top has been ruined by raccoons! the gazebo is near a fence and i guess they use the roof as a short cut across the yard? this year we are going to try making the roof permanent with metal roofing sheets. i have no idea if it will work but hubbie thinks it should be ok.

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this is supposedly permanent. chuck and laura have bought out former co-owners jackie and mike. chuck's always wanted to have two days off in a row. a store opens, it’s all exciting, everyone is on the ball. you come back a few years later and the magic is clearly gone. no small accomplishment given how the price of conch has gone

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these are generally considered non-permanent. it's still my most favorite project ever. i use mine constantly for all kinds of things even in winter. i built it inside an entire outdoor (roofed) kitchen. i think you might have maintenance problems if you don't have a roof and you live in a rainy climate. read the pizza oven discussion

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allen and roth 10 x12 gazebo in severe wind. legs are anchored only by 4" diameter, 30" high pvc filled with concrete- 2 per leg.

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we have an 8 sided metal gazebo at stberry park campground in preston, ct that we installed about 10 years ago. the existing metal roof needed painting, but based on the roof design, the rain

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ianthippus minthurk and umphatic faer, an ambitious pair, vied to prove which one was the best. said the king, "there will be a test." they went to a large chamber with herbs, gems, tomes, pots, measuring cups, all under high crystalline domes. "make me a tonic that will make me invisible," laughed the king in a tone some would call risible.

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8 easy diy projects to ready your home for fall. august 12, 2013 at 6:00 am caulk and less permanent weather strips can both be bought on the cheap at your local hardware store.