how to diy backyard deck

how to design and build a paver patio - seven trust's

make sure your patio is big enough for all of your outdoor furniture and allows enough space to walk around. use thicker pavers if you're adding heavy objects like a hot tub or large grill. when planning the location for your patio, consider sight lines from windows and doors and how your project will affect them.

your diy guide to a backyard makeover on a budget

a backyard makeover doesnt have to be costly to be luxurious. sometimes, the right night-time lighting, patio furniture, and diy magic are all you need to create your dream yard. check out our list of backyard design ideas to help you transform your green space into a beautiful oasis on a budget build a diy deck or patio photo via seekingalexi

10 awesome diy backyard ideas to build a better yard

these awesome diy backyard ideas will help you build a better yard. i love discovering great ideas thanks, pinterest that help me plan for my next garden project. i recently found some creative garden paths and cool garden gates , so this weeks goal was to come up with diy backyard ideas that will make my yard even better.

diy patio table - 15 easy ways to make your own - bob vila

deep, dark secret. when you build this double-duty table, you gain not one, but two patio essentials. by day, the round tabletop offers room to serve up your favorite summer cocktails, salads, and more. but lift up and haul away the tabletop at night, and you're left with a fire pit fit for grilling up burgers or roasting s'mores.

10 beautiful, easy diy backyard decks - the spruce

diy diagonals. if there's anything a deck diyer likes, it's simplicity. if there's any way to complicate matters, it's this: lay deck floor boards on a diagonal. yet armed with a knowledge of the pythagorean theorem and a good compound miter saw, this homeowner managed to lay tight diagonal boards on his backyard deck.

build a stone patio or brick patio - the family handyman

dig out the patio area to a depth of about 10 in. below the finished patio level. measure from the string to gauge the depth. hold a level on an 8-ft. strhtedge to check areas on both sides of the string.

how to build a backyard deck hgtv

backyard deck three frames. set the same on your next set of saddles. now you should have a 12-foot end band, two 12-foot double inner beams and another 12-foot end band. and you should have 22-feet of 2x8 in three sections along each side.

12 diy backyard ideas for patios, porches and decks the

don't relegate your outdoor rooms to be the last space you design for living. these diy backyard ideas for patios, porches and decks will help you to create a space you want to be in whenever the weather allows for us, it pretty much has to be blowing snow or a dust storm to keep us inside

best backyard deck ideas diy

you can transform your outdoor space and add to the value and visual appeal of your entire home with the right backyard deck ideas. the options for style, design and scope for your deck project are almost limitless, so it can help to get some inspiration early on.

before-and-afters of backyard decks, patios and pergolas diy

before and after deck and patio makeovers you dont need a big backyard to have a grand deck or patio. take a look at some boring yards that were turned into fabulous outdoor living spaces.

how to build a diy floating deck in a sloped backyard

how i built my diy floating deck step 1. our first step was to clean the area and level it some more. step 2. then, following the plan, we set the concrete deck blocks in their designated spaces, step 3. on the second day of work and after inspection, we were told that step 4. we created a

82 diy backyard design ideas - diy backyard decor tips

these tutorials work for big or small spaces, so you can easily create the backyard of your dreams. 1 of 68. repurpose a stock tank as a pool. the stock tank pool trend is only gaining traction, and for good reason: it's the perfect way to cool off without the sweat of an in-ground pool installation.

how to build a deck: design and layout

building a deck is the ultimate backyard diy project. this series of articles and videos shows you step-by-step instructions for each phase. first, create a plan.

laying pavers for a backyard patio hgtv

steps: 1. using a grading rake, smooth out the area and make sure it is fairly level. 2. with a shovel, and spread gravel evenly, covering the entire area making sure its still fairly 3. spread the dirt out and repeat the same steps as you did with the gravel. 4. repeat the process with the

how to build a small backyard patio dengarden

fill with your crushed stone or pea gravel - try to keep a slight grade away from your house for water run off. a good rule of thumb is about 1/2 inch for every four feet. fill the area with leveling sand. compact the sand with the tamper, use a wood 2x4 to level it off.