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garden decking - create your own garden decking with the gardenadvice team . the gardenadvice team show you how to create a decking simply and easily. building a single level decking area is a project that can be achieved in a weekend. download our guide on decking click here . the frame . the key to constructing a good decking area is the frame.

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begin by using batter boards and mason's string lines to lay out the location of the footings, use a posthole digger or power auger to dig six holes for footings of 8 inches in diameter and 12 inches deep. there is no frost line since this is a freestanding deck. place concrete tubing forms in

how to lay decking on riser pedestals

now widely used, anyone with a few tools and some diy know-how can use this system to lay their will need to be know how to use a tape measure and spirit level, and be able to do simple calculations.the idea behind these support pedestals is very strhtforward: the plastic risers are placed on the ground on concrete slabs, earth, tiles, etc. at set distances.

how to lay a decking block base

how to lay a decking block base. in both cases, the joists are supported at intervals no greater than 1.5m 5' approx . joists should never extend further than 300mm 12' approx past a support at the edge or corner of the deck. the space between joists will be governed by the length of deck board, or larger flooring surface, that you are planning to use.

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how to install decking tiles step 2 - lay the tile. to lay the deck tile, start from one corner and work outward. the tiles will lock together. the wood is on a plastic base which houses the clips. a small gap left between the assembled tiles will help with drainage. the gap also helps if the tiles expand or contract due to the heat or cold.

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the basic construction of the deck base, should include accurate measurements and a level or fall to suit the finished deck that you have in mind. however sturdy your decking timbers are, they will be wasted if laid on a poorly constructed sub decking base frame. decking joists are the basic and the right spacing is important

how to build a decking frame decking joist sub deck base

this will ensure that you have your deck base square, level and with no bumps or hollows in the joists. this can be checked by use of a taut string line. if using a bearer or two under the deck frame, then this should ensure a perfectly level sub frame upon which you can lay your decking boards. decking joist spacing spans.

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these 26 articles will help you understand how to lay out and install concrete frost pier footings to support your deck. learn about different footing types including footing forms, belled base footings and buried support posts.

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laying a base mark out the decking area using string lines tied to stakes driven into the soil. clear the decking area of any vegetation. place the concrete slabs at least every metre 3ft 3in around the marked out area. place a spirit level between slabs to check that they are level. lay a

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tommy's trade secrets - how to build decking tommy's yard. loading unsubscribe from tommy's yard? cancel unsubscribe. how to build and lay timber decking - duration: 6:41.

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how to use deck blocks: deck blocks stand in for the posts or provide a foundation for a post. they should be laid out similarly to deck posts, with the caveat that the spacing should be a little closer together, around five feet or so beneath the beams.

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how to build a simple deck attach the ledger. protect the ledger. set footings and piers. install post bases and side rim joists. install front rim joist, beams, and interior joists. install front rim joist, beams, and interior joists continued . attach trim and decking.

how to lay a decking block base

how to lay a decking block base : there are two main ways that can be used to prepare a deck for the floor of a timber garden building: the decking block method . the post and pier method : both of these approaches use joists to support the floor of the building, and employ the same concept as assembing decking.

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the next weekend we began to lay the top decking boards. these composite boards are heavy and extremely flexible, so be sure to have help when moving these around. your deck boards will lay the opposite direction over your support beams for added support. and again, using the 16 materials we simply laid on the entire board and screwed them down.