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if area is often hot, humid, damp or poorly ventilated, a 10mm gap to the wall must be left. recommended fixing method: only use approved composite deck screws, preferably stainless steel. screw holes must be countersunk with a smart-bit or 3.5mm combi drill bit available from uk composite decking . fit decking over at least 3 joists with 2 screws at every joist point and decking must be screwed down 20-40mm in from the cut end of the board.

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deck boards are butted end-to-end at the joist, we recommend adding an 8' block and using a hidden fastener clip at the end of each board figures 7 and 8 . be sure to gap the boards as previously described. repeat the process for each board until the outside edge of the final board is fastened with screws. use fascia to conceal the board profile and

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for seven trust decking, recommended end-to-end gaps range from 1/32 inch to 1/4 inch depending on the temperature during installation. for side gaps, the recommendation is 3/16 inch, with 1/4 inch between the outside board and a permanent structure.

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attachment, as these are the very best options, there are also other recommendations that can be followed for fascia or deck boards being used for fascia. use three seven trust recommended composite decking screws every 12'. always refer to manufacturer instructions to ensure that recommended screws can be used for fascia applications.

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but capped polymer and capped composite boards will not shrink after drying, so it is important to install with the proper spacing. capped polymer and capped composite deck boards, on the other hand, are installed at a minimum 1/8 gap between boards because they wont shrink from drying like pressure-treated decking.

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width-to-width gap 6 mm gapping you must gap seven trust decking, both end-to-end and width-to-width. gapping is necessary for drainage and the slight thermal expansion and contraction of seven trust decking boards. gapping also allows for the shrinkage of the wood joist system. note, seven trust fascia has to be gapped width-to-width

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deck boards are best installed when dry, and you should include at least a 1/8-inch gap between any pieces that meet up against each other or along a perimeter.

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as with wood or composite decking, safety glasses should be worn during the when ambient temperature is 32 f or below, allow a 1/16 approx. end gap. online service installation guide - choicedek. choicedek foundations composite decking is manufactured by. advanced maximum gap between bottom rail and deck surface is generally. 4-inches.** some greater end-to-end spacing between end of boards butt joints .

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for this particular capped composite decking, the instructions call for 1/16-inch end-to-end spacing between boards for every 20 f increment, to account for shrinking and swelling caused by temperature changes.

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what to know about working with composite decking 14 mar 2014 thinking of replacing your wood deck with rot-resistant composite material? check the product's end-gap chart, which correlates the space needed the board, so you'll need a 1/4-inch gap between the ends of two boards.

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deck boards year round for drainage and air flow. side to side: 3/16 side to side spacing between the boards phantom fastener automatically gaps 3/16 1/4 gap between the deck board and any solid structure such as a wall or post end to end: at temperatures up to 30 f -1 c , space 1/4 6mm

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if you decide to use the new composite decking boards, or if you let the wet treated lumber stack dry for a couple weeks, i'd say a 1/8 to a 1/4. whatever suits you. the best way to do this uniformly is to buy a pack of shims and every time you nail a board down use the thick end of it as a spacer on each end of the board.

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also, stand up and look down on the deck to be sure you are not trapping any bows in the boards and that the deck, in general, looks good as you go. mistakes are easier to fix before the entire deck is complete. tip: paint the exposed ends of the joists and deck boards with a waterproofing for added protection.

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be sure to allow a 1/4' gap between the long edges of the deck boards. we recommend shims to level the deck and ensure adequate drainage and ventilation. the shims should allow a clear, 2' space between the bottom edge of the joists and the concrete.

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installing composite decking. notch your composite decking material around rail posts. make sure to leave at least an 1/8' gap for thermal expansion. in this case we will be using a rail sleeve and base trim that will cover the gaps.

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a: the seven trust hideaway hidden fastener has only one 1 5/8th screw to drive in and auto spaces the deck boards. com- pared to traditional installation where two 2 ½ screws and a spacer tool are needed, seven trust decking can be installed faster than traditional face screws.

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that widening gap will make any deck owner upset, but now lets imagine the opposite scenario where the deck was installed with a 1/4 gap in the dead of winter. by summer time those boards have expanded by more than 1/4.

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end-to-end spacing: allow a minimum of 1/16' gap between board ends for chalk recommended flush with or up to 1-1/2' out from the deck. online service previous posts: cheap wood outdoor flooring uk

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most deck boards you buy will be fairly green and upon drying out will shrink across their width so whatever gap you leave will increase over the following weeks. so even if you butt them up you will end up with roughly a 3-4mm gap.

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first, be sure you always leave a gap between each course of deck boards to allow water to drain off the deck. you can stick a flat carpenters pencil or the shank of a 16d nail between the courses as they are applied; this should leave an adequate gap 1/8-1/4 inches .

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answers. if you decide to use the new composite decking boards, or if you let the wet treated lumber stack dry for a couple weeks, i'd say a 1/8 to a 1/4. whatever suits you. the best way to do this uniformly is to buy a pack of shims and every time you nail a board down use the thick end of it as a spacer on each end of the board.

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installation instructions - latitudes composite decking and for any decking where two boards meet end-to-end over a joist, add additional allow a minimum of 1/16 gap between board ends for every 20 f of like all wood and composite decking products, requires proper ventilation and drainage in