how to paint a wooden boat deck

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how i improved the look and condition of my boat deck. better than new gelcoat painting my boat deck and cabin with pettit ezpoxy and ez deck

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deck painting tips. story and photos by roger marshall. here are two ways that you can make your deck a lot less slippery — a smart safety idea for all boaters, young and old. the stripped old-style j/24 deck before we changed and repainted it. the deck (left) shows the final version after repainting. make sure the cockpit sole is painted first.

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some of these points are adapted from 10 tips on how to paint a non-skid deck, but they apply to almost all painting projects on any boat—topsides, deck, and even the bottom: 1. probably around 80 percent of the time spent during a boat painting project will be for preparation of the actual painting.

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in the lifespan of almost any boat there will come a time when the deck needs a renewal of its nonskid surface the traction that keeps you and your crew on board. the original deck might be molded non-skid, or painted fiberglass over wood, or painted wood. the paint you choose for the renewal

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painting your wooden boat. not everyone enjoys painting or watching it dry. but there are few wooden boat owners who don't relish the moment when they step back and admire the results. all the effort involved in preparing and finishing will then be seen to have been worth it.