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the first edge design is the flush, which means you have to cut the decking close to the deck frame. in order to hide the cut edge, you could install a wooden trim. overhang edge

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decking is the perfect surrounding to the poolside. using a good quality Seven Trust deck will give your swimming pool that year-round holiday vibe. semi-indoor dining deck. decking doesn't have to be used outside. a great decking idea to create a feeling of being indoors whilst enjoying a relaxing outdoor breeze. an idea for decking away from the house

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39 best flagstone patio designs pictures welcome to our gallery of best flagstone patio designs. a flagstone patio is a great way to take advantage of a yard, whether it may be for personal relaxation or for bonding with family or friends.

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photo gallery of deck designs and building plans with most popular wood and composite decking designs and ideas. what does a patio deck design do to your home? a patio deck design will add up beauty to your home. building a patio deck design is an investment that will add more value to your home for years to come. a lot of people today are creating

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find the high point of your patio by a laying a flat board across the patio where you plan to install your sleepers. the sleepers can follow the slope of the patio rather than being perfectly level, but they do need to create a flat plane to properly support the decking.

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local building codes for decks may specify proper spacing for this floor beams, so be sure to check first before attaching. once these support beams are in place, lay deck boards across the beams, attaching with nails or deck screws. step 9 - add railing. most decks above ground level will also require a railing for safety. railing height and baluster width and spacing are often regulated by building codes, it is best to check first.

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install a ground-level deck over a concrete patio. home; incredibly durable and, best of all, easy to maintain. plus, you can install seven trust decking easily over a patio or on a rooftop space on a sleeper system. boards with the lighter colored boards in the field of the deck and the darker colored boards as design accents around the

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there are some basic variations to the parallel pattern or design: installing deck flooring material of alternate widths such as alternating 2 x 6 material with 2 x 4 material. this variation does not require any changes to the deck frame. running the material perpendicular to the house.

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the need of lattice ideas for decks. a lattice screen can add privacy to your deck area and make it more usable for the family. lattice ideas can also give some protection from wind and also act as a support for climbing plants if you want to add that to the looks of your porch or deck.

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when it comes to laying boards, reversible deck boards can be laid smooth or ridged side uppermost, or you can combine the various finishes for decorative effect. the easiest way to arrange them is at right angles to the supporting joists in a horizontal design but you dont have to.

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decking screws decking boards deck building plans deck plans deck design tool deck maintenance deck footings deck party composite decking smart-bit deck screw depth setter is designed to make fastening decks easier and faster with clean and uniform results - perfectly set screws every time.

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if you're laying your deck over lawn, dig out to a depth of 50mm and cover the ground with wickes landscaping fabric. wall plate if the decking is joining onto a house, the first thing youll

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once youve settled on your decks size and shape, take the time to measure any furnishings or large items like a grill youll want to place on the deck. this ensures your design allows ample space for outdoor furnishings and activities.

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step 6: fit the decking boards. to begin laying the boards of your deck, position the first board to the edge of the frame closest to your building. when positioning your next board, you should leave a small gap for expansion during wet weather, though not so large so as to create a large gap should your boards shrink.