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replacing plywood on boat floor. if the gap is larger than 1/4 inch or the hull slopes away too quickly, you may need to glue 1x1 inch peices of wood under the gap to hold the glue and the new floor. you need a footing to support the floor. then 2 or 3 layers of fiberglass tape should be glued over the gap to secure the new floor to the hull.

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how to remove boat carpet from the aluminum floor is my challenge. the carpet is pretty bad. with those questions in mind, i am going to address removing glue and carpet from a wooden pontoon floor, and an aluminum floor, so read on to find out how you do it, what you need, hacks and tips, and also advice from other pontooners that i trust.

how to replace pontoon boat carpet

how to replace pontoon boat carpet. if you are able to remove the existing pontoon carpet you want to make sure that you remove all of the adhesive and bits of old rubber backing left over from the carpet from the pontoon deck. if you leave clumps of old glue and carpet backing on the deck you'll end up with lumps in your carpet and even worse,

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remove all this from the deck of the boat and place it in the same configuration on the ground beside the pontoon boat. this will help you remember where everything went on the deck of the boat before it was removed. step 3: remove old carpeting. step 4: after old carpeting is removed you will be left with a deck full of old carpet glue.

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how to install or replace boat carpet then, use a flooring roller over the top of the carpet to ensure a strong adhesion. step 8 trim the edges. finally, take your utility knife and use it to trim around the outside of the carpet. remove all of the excess carpet.

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depending on the size of your pontoon boat, you will need probably 3 or 4 gallons. i use a large squeegee and a paint roller to apply the stuff. it goes on like paint. if you saturate the plywood on both sides and on all the edges, i assure you, you will never again have to replace that floor as long as you live nether will your great grand

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we travel to blue ridge, georgia in order to replace fading, mildew laced marine carpeting, on a pontoon boat, with the new shaw marine carpet with water repellency. john and company completely

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or, in the case of pontoon deck remove all of the fasteners. the floor may be fastened to cleats between plywood sections, cleats attached to the hull at the perimeter, and stringers near the center of the floor. 4. remove the pieces of plywood. if you remove them carefully, you can use them as patterns for the new floor.

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pfalcon. go with plywood covered in resin, csm, cloth; marine plywood if you can afford it, acx if you cannot or any comparable plywood with the last letter an x for exterior. cdx is an option, however it has the probability of more voids, or football patches in each layer, and the first letter tells you the quality of the best face,

how to remove carpet and glue from a pontoon boat the easy

some pontoon boat carpet will have flat-headed through bolts which secure the carpet to the deck. these can be very hard to get out, but you can do it. theres a great online guide which i recommend you take a look at which will give you a stepped process on how to remove flat-headed screws and bolts. you can read that on the craftsman blog.

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how-to replace boat carpet completely remove all items on your boat's deck, everything that sits on top begin tearing up the old carpet. this will either be very easy or very hard, if your plywood flooring is in good shape and you don't need to replace it take some time before applying

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to properly lay or install you new pontoon boat carpet marine carpet you are going to want to make sure you've either installed new cca treated marine plywood for your deck or successfully cleaned up the existing pontoon boat decking. before we get to much further i want to focus on re-using your existing pontoon flooring.

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the deck seam tape seals the joints where your plywood comes together, preventing water from working its way up under your woven vinyl flooring. how to replace your pontoon flooring. check out our pontoon forum for complete pontoon restorations and learn how to replace the deck and carpet on your pontoon.

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chilewich is a beautiful woven flooring with a blend of vinyl mesh and fiberglass with a polyurethane foam backing that is perfect for marine environments. its easy to pattern, cut, finish

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how to replace carpet on a tracker boat. lay the new carpet on the decking, using your putty knife to work the carpet into the adhesive. turn the decking over and turn one edge of the carpet over the edge of, and under the bottom of, the decking. staple the edge of the carpet to the bottom of the decking with a commercial staple gun.

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if you tile around it in the front then removing the washer to replace or repair it is a problem. check to see how your counter top is attached and if you can raise it enough to remove the dishwasher if needed. keep in mind that a tile floor is not water proof. moisture can over time seep through the grout lines and wet what ever is under it.

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if youre replacing old boat carpeting, take notice of the difference in the carpets color. in areas where the sun never touched itsay in a fold or tuck somewherethe color is much more saturated. thats because, after a while, the suns uv rays exposed and faded the pigments of the carpet.

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removing everything from the deck and replacing it just seems to be an accepted part of owning a pontoon boat. if you dont own a pontoon boat, hearing this may give you pause, but its actually a pretty easy maintenance schedule, and quite a bit easier than patching the fiberglass hull of a motorboat.

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the deck is vital to your boats structural integrity. if you find its easier to simply replace the wood decking, nows the time to do it. marine plywood, or at least treated a-a plywood, is best for this application. check your boats deck carefully for rot or damage.