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placement. for the best shade coverage for the majority of the day with an open-roof pergola, place it so the rafters orient north and south. as the sun travels, the rafters cast wide lines of shade under the structure, except around midday when the sun is directly overhead. planting climbing vines on the pergola or installing a solid roof offers

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choose the strhtest poles you can find for your pergola posts, with a top diameter no smaller than 4 1/2 or 5 inches. for the best results, peel the bark off of the poles using a dknife bark practically falls off of cedar poles cut eight to 12 months beforehand .

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shade sails are already made for providing shade and rain protection. and attaching them to the pergola posts is way easier than the usual shade sail installation methods trying to find a free-standing post or screwing it into the side of your house . plus you can take them down easily for the winter if you need to.

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whether youre looking for something portable that can be moved around the yard to suit your current mood or a big, bold, statement piece like a pergola thats as functional as it is stylish, youll find theres a backyard sun shade that suits your design sensibilities, budget, and diy skills, whether they be sewing, carpentry

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how to get the most shade from your pergola. add greenery. climbing plants are a natural way to add more shade to a shade struture. the more the plants grow, the more shade they will provide offering dappled sunlight or heavy shade. any leafy or vine varieties will create a lush, cool and naturally shady backyard environment.

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tensioned shade sail pergola canopy. with its simple hardware and ease of install, an effortlessly beautiful outdoor space awaits. the stainless steel cables run the perimeter of the canopy evenly distributing tension, reducing wind flap and extending the life of the fabric. easy detachment allows for our pergola shade canopy to be quickly taken down for wind or snow storms.

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6 creative ways to add shade outdoors carving out shady spaces. positioning yourself in the shade not only makes the warm season bearable, install a fabric canopy. transform a deck into a restful outdoor space by anchoring drape a tarp for cover. turn a slatted ceiling or a pergola into a

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there's a better option than lattice. it's attached using a variety of clips, hooks, or a bungee ballan elastic loop with its ends joined by a plastic ball. you feed the loop through the grommet in the edge of the fabric, around the attachment point on the pergola, and back to the ball. just pass the ball through the loop to secure the bungee.

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how does a pergola create shade they both offer shade from the bright sun, and will keep cool during the summertime. many of them may begin to make plans on what to put beneath the pergola

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pergola sun shade patio shade pergola with roof wooden pergola pergola patio pergola retractable shade shade for deck outdoor shade pool gazebo love this pergola style k welton construction installed shadefx as the retractable shade solution at a newly renovated portola valley, california residence.

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pergola canopy pergola cover retractable awning patio patio awnings retractable shade sun shade shade sails deck shade patio shade covers shade sail awnings and canopies are a great solution to create shade over a patio, porch, balcony.

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the columns or posts of a pergola can add a decorative touch. when selecting posts or columns try to match the architecture of your home. wooden posts can be embellished with brick or stone pedestals. pergola columns can help add to the overall style of your yard.

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how to make a shade for your pergola. since my pergola has a hanging light in the center, i made two separate shades to go on each side of it. because of this, i needed 8 pieces of hardware for the corners as opposed to 4. decide where you want your shade to sit and screw one of your screw eyes into the frame.

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lattice panels. lattice is a fast easy and affordable way to make create pergola shade. you have some choices as to the open area of the lattice. be sure to give consideration to how much sun you want to pass through. some lattice can allow as much as 50% while others as little as 25%.

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