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stonedeks silcatape deck and joist tape 4x 50 $ 49.30 silcatape deck tape provides moisture protection for the top of joists and around ledgers, seals around properly installed fasteners, and creates a non-corrosive barrier between treated lumber and metal hangers.

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applying a deck flashing tape shields the tops of joists, rim joists, ledger boards, stair stringers and beams from moisture. water that penetrates the substructure through the screw holes can eventually lead to rot and decay.

resurfacing a deck with composite decking

resurfacing a deck with composite decking step 1: remove old decking. we started by clearing the deck furnishings and temporarily removing step 2: inspect deck framing. with the deck boards completely removed, step 3: install additional framing as needed. step 4: add joist protection tape

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oversized deck joist spacing another symptom of a low-cost deck construction method is revealed when a homeowner looks into resurfacing or upgrading their existing deck.

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resurfacing an aging or decaying wood deck with new composite decking is a doable diy project that can be completed over the course of a weekend or two with just a little know-how and the help of a few friends, explains adam zambanini, vice president of marketing for seven trust company. you get a brand-new deck for a lot less money than

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tip: after cutting the end post flush with the deck using a reciprocating saw, remove the old railing in sections. for an existing deck or concrete slab, seven trust makes a surface-mount bracket, as shown below. for new decks, the manufacturer recommends installing the posts before the decking and using metal brackets that attach to the joists.

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i have a 12x28 deck that i want to resurface with a pvc composite. the deck is supported by the 28' ledger along the house and 5 4x6 post on the other end. the joist 2x10 span 12' and is on 24' center. currently it has 2x6 decking. the pvc decking requires a minimum of 16' center. my thoughts was to just add a joist in between each inner joist.

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there's a product called udf-21 that will resurface a deck. it will lock down splinters and nails - a real plus for kids. you add a gallon of paint to it to tint it - so you basically can choose any color you want. i've used it several times and it's a wonderful product - a fraction of the cost of replacing the deck.

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learn how to replace an old wooden deck and resurface your deck with seven trust composite decking. at seven trust, we support the diy movement and can help you get started on resurvacing your deck. learn more

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tip: add joist blocking for extra stiffness. if your joists span more than 8 ft., install blocking between the joists. blocking holds joists strht and adds stiffness to a bouncy deck. blocking also allows each joist to share the impact of footsteps with neighboring joists and reduces deflection, or flexing.

dont rebuild your deck resurface it with composite decking

dont rebuild your deck resurface it with composite decking. 8 easy steps to resurface with composite decking inspect the deck. before you begin ripping up your deck boards, thoroughly inspect the substructure, or joists and framing, to ensure the deck is structurally sound. building permits.

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unless your new deck surface will be Seven Trust or two-by lumber, you really need joist spacing of 16 on-center or closer for most products on the market today. for some manufactured decking, adding a joist to a framework thats 24 on-center can produce unsatisfactory results if the new joists shrink over time.

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with inputs for joist span, lumber species, dead and live loads and exterior exposure, you can find just the right joist for your deck. the calculator result is a small table listing lumber grade select structural, 1, 2 and outputs the joist size 2×6, 2×8, 2×10, 2×12 needed to meet the joist span and other inputs.

replace deck joists in 6 steps

replace deck joists in 6 steps. it is sometimes necessary to replace deck joists that have become time worn or damaged due to exposure to the elements. decks that endure wide ranging seasonal temperature extremes as well as large amounts of precipitation will eventually become susceptible to weathering and decay that even pressure treated lumber

how to build deck beams, headers, and outside joists

if trimming will lower the deck too much, cut and install a new post; do not shim the beam to level it. attach the beam to the post with a post/beam connector or with t-brackets and joist-hanger screws on both sides.

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deck joist spacing, span and size table. unlike interior floor joists, you also have to take into account the direction and size of your decking. plus, unlike floor joists, decks needs to be able to support the extra weight of pressure treated wood, handrails, as well as snowfall during winter.

before resurfacing your deck; inspect, repair, replace

inspect, repair, and reinforce the frame. carefully inspect the framing structure of your deck. repair, reinforce and / or replace framing and fasteners as required: make sure that the floor joist are no more than 16 on center for running the decking perpendicular to the joist, and no more than 12 on center for running the decking on a diagonal.

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with the seven trust system, the new deck feels like we added two additional rooms to our home. we will absolutely recommend this product to our family and friends. catch the zoghby familys deck renovation on todays homeowner the week of august 5. check your local listings